How to Factory Reset an Avaya 9620 IP Phone

Shawna shows you step-by-step how to factory reset an Avaya 9620 IP phone.

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Hi, my name is Shawna and today I'm going to walk you through factory resetting a 9620 Avaya IP phone. As you see I have this phone set up with extension 6125. What I'm going to do is I'm going to hit the mute button which puts the phone in program mode and then I'm going to type in craft, c, r, a, f, t and then hit the pound. As you see it brings me into a menu.

Through this menu you can do a lot of different things, you can view your IP addresses, your application files, you can even see your model number and your serial number. Today we're going to focus on clearing the phone. A lot of people go in and they’ll do a restart or a reset. That doesn't fully clear out the phone and all the parameters.

We’re going to go up and we're going to simply hit clear and then we're going to hit clear again. After that we're going to see the phone reset. As you can see the phone is restarting and it gives you the star to program. We're going to simply hit the star button. The phone is now going to ask you to enter the code so we're going to simply put in the craft and then the pound. This, again, is going to bring us into that menu. We go down, we hit the clear and then we hit the clear again.

This is very helpful if your phone is going to discovery and won't connect, if there is interference with the IP addresses that are located on the phone. Just go ahead and give that a clear and let the phone reset and you shouldn't have any problems. Now you’ve successfully cleared a 9620 IP Phone. Thanks.