How to Factory Reset an Avaya 4621SW IP Phone

Shawna shows you step-by-step how to factory reset an Avaya 4621SW IP phone.

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Hi, my name is Shawna and today I'm going to teach you how to reset the Avaya 4621SW IP phone.

Some of you may already know how to factory reset the phone and some of you just may have forgotten and may need a refresher.

What we did is we plugged in the Ethernet cable and got the start a program. We’re going to go ahead and hit the star button. It's going to come up and ask for your IP addresses. Some of you might not know this way to factory reset the phone but you can actually pound through all of your parameters.

Once you get to the end, it's going to ask you to enter command and the command is going to be mute, clear. It's going to ask you to clear all values. You're simply going to hit the pound again. It's going to want to know, "Are you sure?" Let's hit pound again.

Now the phone is going to go ahead and clear all the parameters. This is very helpful if a phone gets stuck on discovery and there's no other way to get into the phone. It's a good way to start and go ahead and just factory reset the phone and make sure that that's not the issue the phone's having is the stuck IP addresses.

After the clear, as we see the phone is going to restart and once it restarts it's going to connect and I'm going to give it an extension. We're going to give the phone extension 6122 and the same for the password.

Now once the phone is up, if you want to go ahead and factory reset it. Once again, you're going to use that mute button, which puts the phone in program mode and then you're going to do the clear. C-L-E-A-R pound. The display's going to read, "Clear all values." You're going to say yes and you're going to say yes for sure. Hit that pound button again.

The phone will read clearing values and now you've successfully cleared a 4621SW.