Cisco Wireless IP Phones: 7925 vs. 8821 | Part 4 | Batteries, Chargers, & Base Stations

In this episode of TecTips, we compare the Cisco 7925 and 8821 IP phones. Today we're discussing battery life, charger features, and base stations for each model.

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Becky: What about the batteries themselves? I mean, I'm assuming different batteries, two for each one.

David: There are some different batteries and battery options. Most of them in the bundles as we'll show off later in the video, they come with a pretty standard battery. And we're looking at about 11-1/2 hours talk time of use on that one battery. That's really good. That's more than one shift. So, if it is at a nurses station, they would have to switch phones throughout two shifts, but for one shift it would actually cover the battery life for one.

Becky: And now just to make sure though, when you do buy the phone, it doesn't come with the battery with it, right?

David: Correct. Yeah. Yeah.

Becky: That's something you got to make sure you add on or unless you're buying a bundle.

David: Absolutely. Yeah. Good point. Because a lot of times we see customers coming back and buying, "Oh shoot, I forgot the battery-"

Becky: Yeah. Or the charger.

David: Exactly.

Becky: Or, the everything sold separate.

David: Right. The other thing I'll mention too is the base station. There is a base station for the 7925 as well, but what's really nice about the base station is that you can actually plug that radio into your computer. And so instead of going through the phone and trying to set up the wireless configuration, you can do it through your computer, through the base station, which is a nice feature.

Becky: I would think that'd be hard on that little phone.

David: Right. Anybody that's not using a smartphone nowadays and have the old T9, that's how it is to set up the wireless network on it, so.

Becky: What about the charger, something to do with the generic versus the new charges, 8821?

David: Yes. Yes. Yeah. So the one thing is with the new charger, they went to more of a magnetic capability.

Becky: Oh, awesome.

David: So it just kind of snaps in. So now you don't have to worry about that cable tearing away or breaking anything. If someone goes and just grabs it quickly. Obviously with the base station, it's going to charge it as well. Where the 7925 had more of the case enclosure, and I always have fun with us trying to get it off. So that would more, male to female stick in, for tearing away and not as easy as the magnetic.

Becky: So they're making some improvements, that's great.

David: Oh, absolutely. Yeah. And especially with the other antennas to pick up those other spectrums to be able to get faster speeds and more reliability.

David: Thanks for watching our video on the Cisco 7925 and 8821 wireless phones.

Becky: We can help with these models by buying and selling them. I'm Becky.

David: I'm David.

Becky: And this is TecTips.