Cisco Transceivers

Jim illustrates some helpful tools to allow you to research Cisco transceiver compatibility.

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Hi folks, it's good to have you here again. I'm Jim. I'm one of the product engineers for CXtec, and just wondering if you have trouble, like I do, trying to figure out what transceiver you should use on a given Cisco product. Well, Cisco has actually come to the rescue with a series of really helpful links. Check out the description for this video for the main link to go to. Basically, as you can see here on the screen, there's a whole series of links for different styles and different performance ratings, or bandwidth ratings of the various transceivers that can go onto Cisco product.

Once you figure out what you have, as far as a switch ... Let's say you want to put in a 10 Gig module into a 3750X Series switch, what you do is look through this list, find the one that says Cisco 10 gigabit module, right here, and then click on the link. I'll wait for that to come up.

As you can see, with this link here, it starts at the top with a title, 10 Gig Ethernet Transceiver Module Compatibility Matrix. They update these on a regular basis. You can see that this was updated just a few days ago. As you scroll through the list, you can see that there are some sublinks here, that will allow you to go to various parts of the document, because actually, it's fairly long. You can see 2000, 3000 Series, 4000 Series, 6000 Series, and even Metro Ethernet and even wireless LAN controllers.

The next section itself will actually take you through the various varieties, in this particular case, of 10 Gig links. There's SFP's, DWDM, variants of that. As you go down even further, you'll see even more. They even have the older XENPAKs. I believe if you go down far enough, you'll find X2's, alright.

That's a really long list. One of the things that you can do to try to help yourself out, is, like, I said, we're looking for what transceivers are compatible with a 3750X. You can use the Ctrl+F feature, since we're looking for transceivers that are compatible with a 3750X, I'm just going to type in 3750X. You can see that it pretty much automatically jumped right down to that part of the document, and you can see there are various different models of 3750X's. Next to it, it already starts to tell you which ones they're compatible with. These SFPH10GB part numbers are actually cable assemblies, therefore short copper runs and then you can see the ones that are a whole lot more popular. The SR, the LRN, and the LR, and so on.

Next to them, the two columns are versions of softward in the iOS, that you need to have to be compatible with the parts. You can see, it's very, very thorough, basically every particular part that Cisco has and the type of product that they plug into, gives you an idea of what's what, so you don't end up choosing the wrong transceiver for the wrong switch. I hope that you found this helpful. Thank you very much for your time. Have a good day.