Cisco 7942 or Cisco 7940?

If the Cisco 7942 and 7940 are essentially the same phone, why pay way more to get features you might not need? Katie explains the difference between the Cisco 7940 and 7942 phones.

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Hi. I'm Katie, the Cisco Voice product manager for CXtec.

Are you curious what the difference is between a 7942, 41 and 40? They all look almost the same. Here, in our tec Center, they're all plugged into the exact same switch running on the exact same call manager.

Sure, the 7942 does support the iLBC codec, but, if you don't know what that means and you're not using it, the 7940 is a great alternative for you.

If you're on the market for any 7940Gs, there is no better option than CXtec's equal2new option. Each phone comes individually boxed, immediately ready to deploy. Every phone is covered with our lifetime warranty and the first year is advanced replaced.