Cisco 7937 & 8831

In this video Becky and David look at two of Cisco's older models: the 7937 and 8831 IP Phones. They compare and contrast the two models, and explore their practical uses.

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David: Hi, I'm David ...

Becky: ... and I'm Becky, and we're going to talk about the evolution of the Cisco IP conference phones today. So David, what do we have here today?

David: Today we have the 7937 and we have the 8831. 7937 being one of the original conference room phones that Cisco introduced, and the 8831 was the next iteration of that they introduced.

Becky: What's the biggest difference between those two?

David: The biggest difference between the two is the 7937 only supported Skinny protocol, where now we have SIP protocol. So since Cisco introduced the 8831 that has the SIP protocol, and they have some other advanced features too, that they introduced with this one. Most notably they detach the key pad away. But then they also use the third party software vendor to create the software, to allow that thing to run and communicate with the call manager.

Becky: I mean they totally looked so different.

David: Yeah, I mean you can see how they went from the traditional star shape. Polycom had a lot of star phones, and Cisco had the star shaped phone to the more square type phone with the extension out, but they work the same way. They've all have 360 degree for conference rooms. Sitting around a table, picking up. This one has the three mics where the 8831 has four mics that are built into it for the Omni Directional. Obviously we have the extensions as well. So this is an extension for the 8831. You can have a wired extension, and then we also have wireless capability as well. On one base station you can have one set of wireless mics and if you daisy-chain two 8831s together for a larger conference room, that conference room that's really designed for up to around 50 people, you can do one wireless mic and one wired mic off of it.

Becky: Oh, wow! That's cool. So for a larger room, you can actually have two of those together.

David: Absolutely. The daisy-chain cable that you can get for these will tie two of these together.

Becky: And then that's like a separate skew.

David: Yep. Separate skew. Yep. Both phones are run on POE as well, so you can get POE injectors to power
them or just run off the POE of the switch.

Becky: We can offer all these products. So contact your account rep today.

David: I'm David ...

Becky: ... and I'm Becky. Thanks for joining us on Tech Tips.