Alternatives to the Cisco 6900 Series

The recently introduced Cisco 6900 Series is cool with its energy conservation attributes, but Katie tells you about some really great alternatives from the 7900 Series.

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Hi, I'm Katie, the CXtec Cisco Voice Product Manager. Recently, Cisco introduced a 6900 series line of phones. They're pretty neat in the fact that they conserve a lot of energy, but if you've had a chance to look at them and compare them at all, there's some really good alternatives in the 7900 series line that can actually save you some money.

Let's start with the 6901's and the 6911's. Both of those phones are single line phones, and there are great alternatives in the 7900 series lines. Think the 7911 or the 7912. For those of you that don't realize this, the 6911's actually have Desi papers. Yes, old school telcom people, I said Desi papers. Who wants to manage an IP phone system with Desi papers on them anymore?

Our sales reps have been getting a lot of requests for the 6941. It is a four line model with a pretty small display on it. A really good, cost effective alternative to that is a 7940 or a 7960. If you'd like a quote, please call your CXtec sales rep today. They'll be happy to find the phone that fits your needs. Not just the phone that Cisco says that you need.