Have We Seen the End of the Cisco 7900 Series Business Phone?

The history of the 7900 series phones is pretty long for a Cisco product line. The phones were introduced in the early 2000’s when Cisco first entered the VoIP Market. There have been new additions throughout the years, such as the 7941/61 in 2004 and the 7942/62/45/65 in 2007. Cisco has invested in this product line for quite a long time.

That said...

Cisco’s newest phones are totally different in look and feel from a traditional Cisco VoIP end point.

The new Cisco phones look more like the competitors' models – Avaya, Shoretel and others. 

Cisco has also dropped from most models the Cisco “Skinny” SCCP protocol that all phones have supported and used for the last 14 years – and have instead opted to support only SIP. 

If you venture out to Cisco’s website, you'll find that the 7900 series phones have been dropped from their main IP phones page in favor of highlighting the 7800, 8800, 8900 and 9900 series phones instead. The 7900 series phones are there… you just have to dig through a few pages to find them.

So, is the writing on the wall? 

Will the 7900 series survive the holiday season and the end of 2014?

How long into 2015 will the EOL announcement be made that 7900 series phones will soon be phased out?

Only time will tell, but when Cisco does finally try to phase this series out, don't panic. You will still be able to find these phones and get support for them for years to come.

However, IT pros have to be mindful of what companies like Cisco are doing so that they can plan and adapt according to their unique business needs.