Does the "R" Stand for "Required" in the HP 5400R Chassis?

By Katie Taisey, CXtec Product Manager

                                       HP 5412 zl

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) made an announcement in September 2015 that they would end-of-sale the HP 5400 zl Switch Series on December 31, 2015. At the time of the announcement, HPE encouraged its customers to migrate to the HP 5400R zl2 Switch Series chassis.

According to the FAQ section on the HP website, the “R” in 5400R stands for resiliency. The HP 5400R zl2 Switch Series attains resiliency by means of dual redundant management modules and redundant power supplies. Redundant management modules offer nonstop switching and hitless failover. Redundant power supplies offer full redundancy as well as N+1 redundancy.

Resiliency wanted – inquire within

Does this mean that in order to get resiliency you need to purchase the R chassis? Or rip out and replace your current non-R chassis infrastructure? Not necessarily.

Quality used equipment vendors can provide you with better options. For example, at CXtec we specialize in helping customers get what they need within or under budget and not only what the manufacturer recommends.

Options for your non-R chassis

One option to obtain resiliency with the non-R chassis is simply to employ a hot spares program on the systems management module. A hot spare in this situation is like having a car with a spare tire ready to install in case of an emergency – as opposed to buying a car with dual tires installed.

Is this oversimplifying the matter a bit? Sure, the R chassis does have Zero Touch ProVisioning (ZTP), ClearPass Policy Manager, VxLAN and IEEE 802.1AE – but that doesn’t mean it is the only chassis option you have.

That’s where a quality technology partner like CXtec comes in. We can continue to support your current installation of 5400 zl chassis with our equal2new equipment backed with the best lifetime warranty in the industry. We can also set you up with a chassis build designed to fit your needs.

There’s no such thing as “required”

It’s imperative to know your options when any manufacturer announces the end-of-sale of its technology. There’s no reason to assume you have to immediately upgrade or do a rip-and-replace. Remember, do what’s best for your infrastructure and your budget. Don’t ever feel an upgrade is “required.”


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