Cisco SMARTnet Alternative: RapidCare NBD Hardware Replacement

There are people out there who are searching for an alternative to Cisco SMARTnet. Why? Is there something wrong with Cisco SMARTnet? No. Not at all. However, Cisco SMARTnet has the same problem all products and services have. No single product can be everything to everybody.

Imagine you have Cisco switches that are working just fine. They are serving your needs perfectly. Then Cisco deems those products end-of-life (EoL) and end-of-sale (EoS) so that they can continue servicing a growing product line. This is a problem for your infrastructure.

You're still using your Cisco switches. So how can you protect yourself from unforeseen hardware failures and downtime?

Enter the Cisco SMARTnet Alternative

Looking further at the scenario above, one can see how the Cisco SMARTnet alternative should work. Picture this, you are a person who has Cisco switches that have been in service a while and are deemed EoL or EoS and Cisco is telling you that you can no longer get SMARTnet coverage.

You still have options! There are programs, like RapidCare® hardware replacement services, that offer alternatives to people in the situation above. Cisco SMARTnet alternatives like RapidCare offer great protection against equipment failure and downtime by providing next-business-day network hardware replacement services for the products Cisco no longer services.

What's more, you will pay only a fraction of the price. So you get up to 50% off what you would expect to pay with SMARTnet.

The 3 Big Benefits of the Cisco SMARTnet Solution

Now you have a solution that will:

  1. Lower your risk
  2. Increase your protection
  3. Lengthen product life cycles

This will be huge as we continue to operate in a time of economic uncertainty. And although we'd all like to see the economy improve, there is a distinct possibility it will get worse before it gets better. This makes Cisco SMARTnet alternatives a valuable tool in your IT toolbox, especially if you find yourself in the situation where you need to do more with less.


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