5 Key Benefits Of Using Cisco 6500 Series Switches

Cisco 6500 Series Switch are used by many organizations. It's been a reliable solution for many networks, which warrants the question: Why do people use the Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series switches?

Well, it seems that there are some fundamental benefits that Cisco 6500 switches offers that make it an attractive solution for many networks. These benefits are a either a direct or indirect result of the product design. So, let's take a look at these benefits.

Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Switches


5 Key Benefits of Cisco 6500 Series Switches



The nature of the 6500 series lends itself to flexibility.  Due to it's chassis-style design customization - an inherit characteristic. However, it's ability for customization extends beyond the chassis-based design. Cisco has a wide range of product options to populate the space in the chassis. There is an extensive menu of power supplies, supervisor engines, blades and modules. It's easy to see that with several slots and a ton of options, one can design a switching solution that is truly custom built for your particular needs.



With customization comes flexibility. With Cisco 6500 Series switches you have a high degree of flexibility. Not only do you have the flexibility to create a custom solution when you first implement the switch, you have flexibility as things change within your business and consequently, your network requirements. Need greater speed? Experiencing company growth? Implementing something new that requires more network resources? There are all kinds of changes that might happen. And who knows? Maybe they happen fast. With a Cisco 6500 switch you have flexibility to make those changes quickly and smoothly.



Sometimes you just need a lot of power. Cisco 6500 switches, let's face it, offer power... and lots of it. It's not hard to find this out. Take a look through the spec sheets of the various high end Cisco 6500 series parts or simply ask your peers who have solid experience with the 6500 series switches. So, if power is something you need, you can most definitely get it with the Cisco 6500 series.



When putting a Cisco 6500 chassis switch in place, you populate that switch based on a certain set of requirements. As we all know, life happens and things change over time.  As your organization expands your network needs expand with it. Cisco's large selection of sup engines and blades allows you to scale properly.


Long Product Life

Have you noticed a pattern yet? Customization leads to flexibility. Flexibility and power lead to scalability. Scalability leads to long product life cycles. The 6500 series is a resilient product. When combined with customization, flexibility, power, and scalability you have a quality switching solution that lasts.


Thinking Ahead

Yes, these benefits costs more upfront. But if one invests a little more, they reap long term benefits. That's something to consider as you plan for the future. Every company has its own set of circumstances - type of company, technology needs, company size, budgets, anticipated industry growth. and so on. You may find that the upfront investment in a 6500 series switch solution reaps performance and financial rewards in the long run.


Smart Investments Require Smart Decisions

The Cisco 6500 Series Switches isn't for everyone nor right for all business needs. However, if you are thinking about considering making an investment in switching hardware, check out this smart buyer’s guide to the Cisco Catalyst 6500 series.