What Size Should an Organization Be To Use a Cisco 6500 Switch?

Interesting Insights on Cisco 6500 Series Switches from Cisco Product Engineers

Cisco 6500 SwitchRecently a question came up about the Cisco Catalyst 6500 series switches. It's probably a question that is asked quite a bit.

At what point is an organization large enough to implement a Cisco 6500 chassis switch?

Can smaller companies use a Cisco 6500 switch?

Sure, lots of larger businesses and organizations use them but what is the entry point, for lack of a better term?

So, we asked our Cisco Product engineers. Their remarks were interesting.


Here's what the Cisco Product Engineers Had to Say...

After some discussion, we totally understand why you’re asking the question but truthfully, our answer is that there is no entry point we can point to.We have seen surprisingly small businesses/clinics/schools have them over the years.

I would say that the decision to have a 6500 in the network is more related to features...

1. Best in the industry – it’s bullet proof – I have seen printouts from customers indicating that their chassis has been continuously running for years without even a reboot

2. Flexibility – different kinds of ports – the broadest range in the industry

3. Software feature set – if you never want to get caught off guard missing an IOS feature

4. Early adopter – any “cool” feature that a switch could have, came out first in the 6500 – then it trickled down to the rest of the catalyst switch line

You could even argue that many people grossly under-utilize their core 6509 chassis. It's difficult to not appreciate the rock solid reliability it has given us so many over the years.


These are very interesting comments. In a world where everything changes so fast...and where people are always being pushed toward the next new thing, the 6500 Series switch is a refreshing contrast. It's kind of nice to know that there is such a long-standing, highly effective, and feature rich switching solution.