Cisco 2960-S Product Overview: Staying Relevant in the Shadow of the X

By Nate Hock | Cisco Product Engineer


The Shadow of the X… No, it’s not the new X-Men movie. Although that does look pretty cool.

Cisco Switch It’s more about how the Cisco Catalyst 2960-S must be feeling right now. Hey, new hotness is hard to beat. Don’t get me wrong.

New looks good, sounds good, and even smells good. However, new isn’t the only game in town.

For example, while the Cisco Catalyst 2960-X switch is the new hotness, we simply can’t forget about its older sibling, the 2960-S. Why? Because the -S still brings a lot to the table and is still a solid solution for plenty of customers looking for a reliable access layer.

How does the Cisco 2960-S stack up?

Stacking? The 2960-S can stack four high. That equates to four 24-port switches, four 48-port switches, or any mix of the two. That’s a lot of port possibilities at your service!

This stacking capability uses the 20gb stacking bus which allows for high bandwidth communication between the switches in the stack. Keep in mind that to achieve this you need to have the C2960S-STACK kit.

This kit includes the stack module and a 0.5-meter cable. This kit is not included with the 2960-S switch so be sure to add it to your bill of materials if stacking is in your future. There are also other cables lengths at 1m and 3m if needed as additional purchases.

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PoE Plus on the Cisco 2960-S?

PoE Plus? Sure does. Up to 30w of PoE, on up to 24 ports at a time with the right switch model.

Look for the ones with the F in the part number. Those models have larger power supplies to accommodate for more PoE!

10 Gig? Giggity!

10 Gig? Of course! Just look for the models with a D in the part number and say hello to two SFP+ ports that can be populated with several different SFP+ optics such as SFP-10G-SR or SFP-10G-LR.

Give a Catalyst 2960-S near you a good home

So where does this gem of a switch shine best? At the edge of the network! For example, they’re ideal in the closets where you stack switches to support your user base directly.

They’re great for plugging PCs primarily, but also for access points, phones, and printers. With the availability of PoE+, the 2960-S is a front-line soldier!

Remember, new doesn’t always mean reliable. The Cisco 2960-S has been around and is a proven workhorse. If you are in the market for a reliable stackable layer 2 switch that gets the job done, then look no further. With the 2960-S, OG hotness is still here.

Image courtesy of Pixabay