3 Smart Reasons People Invest in Cisco Switches

So much in your organization revolves around your network, so it makes sense that downtime comes with a high price tag—as much up to $7,900 per minute by some estimates. It makes sense to do all you can to maintain uptime and keep the data center going strong, including investing in the right hardware.

Cisco switches are one such solution. Cisco switches are designed to deliver a consistent, high-quality network experience and increase productivity and uptime in the data center.

Here are 3 simple and smart reasons to buy a Cisco switch

1. Lower energy costs: Cisco switches are specifically designed to save on power while still providing optimal functionality, helping to improve the bottom line and “green” the data center. Cisco’s stackable access switches, in particular, are energy-efficient and simple to deploy and use. Cisco EnergyWise switching software can reduce energy costs by up to 30 percent, and lower greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint.

2. Scale with your business: Cisco switches offer scalable performance, integrated services, and flexible configurations so you don’t have to waste time and money on slow, expensive upgrades every time your business needs change. Cisco’s Catalyst and Nexus switches are designed to adapt to fluctuating needs across IT and the organization, and allow you to easily perform incremental upgrades. (Learn more about getting network hardware at your pace.)

3. Ensure data is secure:  Cisco switches are designed to deliver maximum network uptime, reducing the chance of a data breach or malicious attack due to critical systems going offline. Cisco’s switching solutions also lock down information, authorize user movements, and work to mitigate threats. Features such as VLANs, TrustSec, MACsec, firewall, intrusion prevention, and Control Plan Policing are some of the security capabilities you can count on in Cisco switches.

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