Cables and Data Center

At CXtec, we’re committed to providing industry-leading cabling and data center technologies to help make your networking equipment worth its cost and ensure your infrastructure performs at the highest levels.

Our CABLExpress® solutions, featuring numerous different types of networking cables, provide the performance, design and manageability you need as you migrate to speeds of 10-, 40- and 100-gigabit and beyond.

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You'll find all of the industry's top manufacturers including brands like:

We created our own brand of equal2new® certified pre-owned networking equipment to keep your costs down – without sacrificing the quality of your infrastructure.

We know that keeping your network infrastructure running at its highest capacity requires a great deal of time and money. You need a solution that's reliable and cost-effective when it comes to purchasing refurbished networking equipment. With equal2new you can get network hardware that will help simplify your buying process and reduce the cost of your infrastructure.