Mitel Phones

Get pre-owned Mitel phones with the performance and reliability of new at a fraction of the cost. 


Used Mitel phones with the performance and reliability of new, for much less

Mitel offers a broad range of digital and IP business phones – from entry-level models to products that deliver advanced applications to the desktop, you get a lot of variety when you buy used Mitel equipment from us.

You’ve come to love the feature-rich options and great voice quality you get from Mitel, but with today’s equal2new Mitel Phones - used Mitel Phones with quality equal to neweconomic climate it’s imperative to find a way to get your Mitel business phones at a price that works for your budget.

CXtec's equal2new brand of pre-owned phones is the way. What is equal2new? It's our exclusive brand of certified pre-owned equipment. It's a way to get all that you would expect from new phones but for much less. Our equal2new® phones are the smart way to buy Mitel phones.

Get everything you want when purchasing Mitel phones with equal2new from CXtec. 

Get top-quality Mitel phones at 40% to 90% off OEM prices with lifetime warranty. 


equal2new® Mitel Phones by CXtec

Quality and Reliability of New Phones at a Fraction of the Cost
Why choose CXtec’s equal2new phones?
  • Top quality and reliability 
  • Large in-stock, ready-to-ship inventory 
  • Scannable MAC addresses  
  • Lifetime warranty with advance replacement 
  • Ships with a CAT6 cable 
  • Packaging that is built for ease of use and deployment 
  • Firmware upgrades 
  • Reclaim value on old equipment (get money for used equipment) 
  • An environmentally sound option 
  • Save 40% to 90% off new OEM list prices 


CXtec is a proven leader in the secondary-market network hardware and voice equipment industries.  For 15 years, we have been providing top-quality legacy and IP phones and voice solutions to customers.  As North America’s leading secondary market network hardware provider, we are the position to provide voice products with scale and consistent world-class quality. 

All your Mitel Superset and IP phone needs covered

Whether you’re in the market for Mitel IP phones or digital models, we’ve got what you need. Mitel Superset digital phones provide feature-rich functions you can easily modify to all your daily needs.

A Full Offering of Mitel Phones -  Current to Legacy

The good news is CXtec has multiple generations to offer. From the Superset 4025 series, to legacy Superset 4015 and Mitel 4150 phones, CXtec has all your Mitel Superset needs handled.

When it comes to IP phones, Mitel offers the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of desktop devices. Trust CXtec to provide both legacy and leading-edge Mitel IP phone models to help you get your communications system to the forefront.

Our equal2new used Mitel IP phone options include the 5224, 5212, 5330, and 5340 models and many more.

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More Than Just Mitel Phones

In addition to selling all kinds of phones, CXtec is a go-to source for all kinds of voice equipment.  

  • Gateways
  • Cards
  • Components
  • Headsets
  • Accessories

A Great Choice for Both Quick Phone Purchases or Large Voice Projects

We are well-equipped to help organizations of all sizes and types from simple restocking orders to large projects and rollouts.

We Help With Large Voice Projects 

Large ProgectsOur customers turn to us to help them with important voice projects and large rollouts of new phones.  We understand projects like these are much more than buying and installing phones.

Our team is here to help you even if you are just researching your project or are actively looking for a trusted partner for your projects.  

  • Proven product experts ready to help  
  • Large inventory of voice equipment from legacy to newer gear 
  • Packaging specially designed for easy deployment 
  • True market value for assets you are retiring (not trade-in value) 
  • We help make project logistics easier. Learn more.

Quick Orders or Restocking Phones?  

quick ordersDo you need to replace some broken phones or components? Need some hot spares? Maybe you need some phones and headsets sent quick for some new hires?   

With a huge inventory of phones and parts from leading brands, we can help you get exactly what you need without long delays or hassles.


We’re the place to come for all your used Mitel phone needs.

Our equal2new® refurbished Mitel phones provide all the quality you’ve come to expect from Mitel at up to 90% off list price. Plus, they’re backed by an industry-leading lifetime warranty - so peace of mind comes standard when you buy used Mitel phone system from CXtec.

The equal2new® difference – refurbished Mitel phones that are a cut above

equal2new - mitel phoneswhat actually sets equal2new® refurbished Mitel phones apart? That’s the question you need answered before you can realize that equal2new is a new product category all by itself, heads and shoulders above any other used Mitel phones and refurbished Mitel equipment.

The first factor that differentiates equal2new refurbished Mitel phones is our thorough, one-of-a-kind testing and refurbishing process.

We change the housing and buttons on most Mitel phone models. This means equal2new Mitel phones come to you looking, well, equal to new. But it doesn’t end there.

We then thoroughly clean every Mitel phone and include a brand new handset with every model so you can rest assured you’re receiving clean, antiseptic products when you buy used Mitel phone systems from us.

Next we test every phone on a live line to ensure every function on your Mitel phone is operational. We place calls to and from each phone tested and we verify the functionality of every feature on the phone to ensure every equal2new refurbished Mitel phone is fully operational.

Then we package each phone with a stabilizing elastomeric film that will hold it securely in place during shipping. We ensure that every Mitel phone will reach you safely and in good working order when you buy used Mitel equipment from us.

Each phone is then individually boxed with all the accessories you need to make it work right there in the box with it. So this means no unpacking separate boxes in order to assemble your phones to get them up and running. Your Mitel phones are ready to go out of every box.

We know you demand top quality from your Mitel business phones. We go to the greatest lengths to ensure our equal2new used Mitel phones not only meet your high demands, but go beyond your expectations.

Learn more about equal2new in this information sheet.

Get Top Dollar for Your Used Mitel Phones and Voice Equipment 

To maximize value for our customers throughout the lifecycle of their hardware, we buy back used phones and voice equipment. You can reclaim value on old assets when working on a large phone project or get cash for some older phones that have been collecting dust. 

We have a safe and secure process that protects your data and is friendly to the environment. 

A Safe, Simple Process

 We make getting money for your old Avaya phones and voice hardware easy. Just 3 simple steps.

We buy used Mitel Phones.  Sell us your gear!

Get Money For Your Gear!