Counterfeit Abatement

We only provide genuine Cisco product

The technicians who perform our equal2new® certification process are highly trained, and know how to spot counterfeit Cisco products. We take a very serious stance on the issue of authenticity assurance, and have established a counterfeit abatement program which includes numerous protective measures:

  • GBICs are the most highly counterfeited product, as they have no patents or trademarks. We only sell Cisco compatible GBICs that are sourced through authorized Cisco distributors.
  • We restrict the source of used Cisco product to actual end-user take-outs, trade members (who are bound by a code of conduct inclusive of stringent anti-counterfeit policies) or companies who sign a document with specific authenticity guarantees.
  • Due to our experience that counterfeit trade is proliferated on online auction sites, we do not source Cisco equipment through these auction sites.
  • Each of our certified technicians receives continuous training on counterfeit identification.
  • Counterfeit abatement manuals are regularly updated and kept at our technicians' testing stations, along with high-resolution monitors for chip and component comparison down to the solder joints.
  • Any suspect product will not make it through our production process - product is immediately quarantined and notes are recorded in the barcode capture screen of our supply chain software.
  • Each Cisco VoIP phone is verified within our internal lab environment to have a matching MAC address physically on the unit and internally once the unit is fully connected to our CUCM using a decoding linear imager.