Cisco UCS Servers

Take storage and networking to the next level

CXtec has the expertise to provide the Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) blade servers that deliver versatility and unmatched storage to help you manage IT infrastructures at any scale.

CXtec offers equal2new® fully configured Cisco UCS solutions – complete with a lifetime warranty with advance replacement.

Our blade server selection includes Cisco's M1-M5 series, so we can match you with a server fit for your individual business needs to maximize your network.

From components to fully configured solutions, we handle all your Cisco UCS needs.

Cisco's UCS M-Series servers

  • Combine storage and network connectivity

  • Consolidate data

  • Enhance collaboration, expansion, and efficiency

  • Simplify operation maintenance

  • Reduce energy consumption

Cisco blade servers' design combines storage and network connectivity into one simplified system powered by Intel processors for maximum performance. Their modern design supports virtualization and data consolidation to create a better network for collaboration, expansion, operational efficiency, and energy savings.

To reduce energy consumption and operational management the M-series blade servers assess network usage and adjust performance accordingly. This reduces operation maintenance times and more importantly provides significant energy savings.  

Cisco servers' storage capacity is double the industry standard to facilitate extensive workloads. Whether you are a small enterprise or a large organization, the UCS blade servers can scale to meet your business needs now and future growth initiatives.

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M1 Series


The B200 two-socket, half-width blade server operates on the Intel Xeon 5500 processor with 12 DIMM slots that support memory up to 96 GB, 20 Gbps of I/O throughput, one mezzanine adapter slot and two SSDs.


The B230 is a two-socket, half-width blade server operating on Intel’s Xeon 6500 and 7500 series processors. With 32 DIMM slots, it can support a memory maximum of 256 GB. It also comes equipped with one mezzanine slot and two SSDs.


The B250 is an extended memory, full-width, two-socket blade server based on Intel’s Xeon 5500 processor. It has 48 DIMM slots to support up to 384 GB of memory and two dual-port mezzanine slots for up to 40 Gbps of I/O throughput.


The B440 is a full-width, four-socket blade server operating on the Intel 7500 processor. It’s equipped with 32 DIMM slots supporting 512 GB of memory, and dual-port mezzanine card connections for 40 Gbps of I/O throughput.

M2 Series


The B20 is a half-width, two-socket blade server using Intel’s 5500 and 5600 processors. It can house up to two SSD/HDDs, one mezzanine slot and comes equipped with 12 DIMM slots to hold up to 192 GB of memory.


The B230 is a half-width, two-socket blade server operating on Intel’s Xeon E7-2800 & E7-8800 series processors.  They’re equipped with 32 DIMM slots for 512 GB of memory, one mezzanine slot, and two SSDs.


The B250 is a full-width, two-socket blade server operating on Intel’s 5600 & 55000 processor with 48 DIMM slots for up to 384 GB of memory. It’s equipped with two mezzanine slots and two HDDs/SSDs.


The B440 is a full-width, four-socket blade server employing the power of the Intel E7-4800 & 8800 processors. With 32 DIMM slots, it can support 1 TB of memory and two dual-mezzanine card connections to connect up to 40 Gbps of  I/O throughput.

M3 Series


The B22 half-width blade server uses the Intel E5-2400 processor family to provide exceptional IT infrastructure support. With 12 DIMM slots, it stores up to 384 GB, 2 mezzanine adapter slots that can handle up to 80Gbps throughput.


The B200 is a half-width blade server that can manage large volumes of work with the Intel Xeon E5-2600 processor family. With 32 DIMM slots, it supports 768 GB of memory, 2 HDD/SSD drives, and 80 Gbps of throughput.


The B420 is a four-socket, full-width, blade server using the Intel Exon processor E5-4600 families. It’s equipped with 48 cores per server, up to 1.5 TB of memory, 160 Gbps bandwidth, and three mezzanine connectors.

M4 Series


The B200 is a half-width blade server built with the Intel Xeon processor E5-2600 family to service up to 44 processing cores. It provides up to 1.5 TB of memory storage, 80 Gbps of throughput connectivity, and two optional HHD/SDDs.


The B420 is a full-width, four-socket, blade server with Intel Xeon processor E5-4600 families built to support extensive data sets and workloads. This server can handle up to 3 TB of memory storage, manage 160 Gbps of I/O bandwidth, and can accommodate four SSD drive bays.


The B260 is powered by two Intel Xeon processors, with three mezzanine slots, 43 TB of memory, 160 Gbps of ethernet throughput and low-cost upgrade options. The B260‘s design enables easy expansion for larger workloads.


Powered by the Intel Xeon processors, this powerful blade server can support even the most data-centric tasks. Designed with six mezzanine slots, 6 TB of memory,  320 Gbps of throughput and four HDD/SSDs drive bays.

M5 Series


The B200 is designed as a half-width, four-socket blade server it operates with the Intel Xeon processors. It's also equipped with increased memory speeds and 12 TB of storage, five mezzanine adapters, and 160 Gbps of I/O throughput.


The B480 is a full-width, four-socket server built with Intel Xeon processors equipped with five mezzanine adapters, up to 12 TB of memory, 16 Gbps of I/O throughput and four HDD/SSD/PCLe NVMe drive bays.

Let us manage your Cisco server maintenance

When it comes to server support, CXtec has just what you need. Our RapidCare® third-party maintenance offering can help you make the most out of your Cisco server and IT network. Our custom plan options mean you only pay for maintenance specific to your unique needs - no more paying premium prices for OEM support features you don't use.

Our RapidCare third-party maintenance can give you:

  • Optimal storage hardware support

  • Right-sized customizable support strategies

  • Reduce costs by up to 60%

  • Freedom to extend product life cycles

  • Flexible, consolidated contracts

RapidCare levels of support


  • Tech Support 8AM-5PM (M-F)
  • NBD On-Site Service


  • Tech Support 8AM-5PM (M-F)
  • 4-Hour Response Time


  • Tech Support 24 Hours x 7 Days
  • 4-Hour Response Time

“Use support from used-hardware resellers and TPM providers when flexible terms and conditions are required.” - Gartner, Used-Hardware Resellers Offer Hardware and Support Cost Savings, February 2015, Foundational October 2016 [ID G00270507]