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The World’s Best Refurbished Cisco Switches from CXtec


Much More Than Used Cisco Switches

It’s time to get the best pre-owned Cisco switches on the market. You want the best - now you can get it.

CXtec’s equal2new® refurbished Cisco switches come standard with a lifetime warranty and advance replacement as long as you own them.

Everything you want when purchasing used Cisco switches

  • Up to 90% off list price

  • 99.51% reliability rating

  • Industry-leading lifetime warranty on all Cisco switches

  • Advance replacement throughout each product's lifetime

  • You get the best product and the best service from a partner who has been doing this for nearly four decades. 


Ideal Pre-owned Cisco Switches: equal2new®

The equal2new® Advantage
CXtec’s equal2new used Cisco switches are the ultimate pre-owned option if you’re looking to save on your IT budget, while still getting high-quality products that offer top performance and reliability.

Our equal2new® certified pre-owned Cisco switches  have already demonstrated their value in the marketplace and we believe your business should reap the benefits, too!

So, why should you buy used Cisco switches from us over other options? CXtec employs the industry's best testing and diagnostic inspection processes to provide quality refurbished Cisco switches at up to 90% off list price.

When you buy used Cisco catalyst switches from us, you will reduce operating expenses, saving on resources and your limited budget, plus you'll be going green at the same time. What more could you ask for?


Cisco Switch Hardware and Maintenance

CXtec has a huge inventory of of Cisco switches in-stock and ready to ship. We can provide popular Cisco switches to legacy and end-of-life (EOL) Cisco switches. 
Plus, we offer maintenance solutions to optimize your support while reducing costs by up to 60%. 
Whether you a single switch, fans, modules, or a whole laundry list for a big project, we have you covered. 
See for yourself why so many IT professionals choose equal2new® Cisco hardware.

Used Cisco Switches as Reliable as New

You may not know it, but the myths about used or refurbished Cisco equipment being less reliable than new is busted.

Industry studies have shown that the reality is much different from the myth. In fact, failure rates of newer hardware tend to be higher. While it may not seem logical, it makes sense once you understand how it works. Take a look at the graphic below:


Failure Rates / Reliability of Network Hardware Over Time

You’ll notice that failure rates are higher early. This is due to failures of new hardware, often times out-of-box failures. However, once a switch or other hardware gets “burned in” the hardware is very reliable for a long time. Then as the equipment ages, it starts to result in the natural failure rates you’d expect from wear and age. Therefore, you can use a mix of new and pre-owned to get the right combination of technology that suits you best while optimizing your budget. Plus, with the money you save on hardware, you can apply that to high-priority projects.  

“Most network equipment is designed to have MTBF greater than 100,000 hours (roughly 11 years), with a general trend toward increasing MTBF due to simpler and standardized design elements.”

- Gartner, Know When It’s Time to Replace Enterprise Network Equipment, March 2015, Foundational June 2016 [ID G00273656]

Popular Cisco Switches

Cisco 2960 switches

Cisco Catalyst 2960 Switches

  • Enhanced LAN services for mid-market and branch office networks
  • Intelligent services at entry-level functions
  • QoS and enhanced security
  • Small footprint

The Cisco Catalyst 2960 Series Switches are standalone, Layer 2 fixed-configuration switches featuring either Fast Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet connectivity.

The 2960 Series has a set of sub-series including:

L Series, X Series, and S series. 

Cisco 3650 switch 48 port

Cisco Catalyst 3650 Switches

  • Enable applications such as IP telephony, wireless, and video
  • Support full IEEE 802.3  at POE+
  • Application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC)
  • Stackable, Layer 2 and 3, 160 Gbps
  • Multigigabit technology
  • PoE, PoE+
The Cisco Catalyst 3650 series is the enterprise-class standalone and stackable access-layer switch that provides the foundation for full convergence between wired and wireless on a single platform.
Cisco 3750 switch

Cisco Catalyst 3750 Switches

  • Stackable, fixed configuration switches (up to 9 switches)
  • Layer 2 – 4 switching
  • Fast Ethernet and gigabit Ethernet connectivity
  • These switches provide support advanced routing protocols – OPSF, EIGRP, PBR
  • Multicast routing – PIM, VRFLite

If you are a company or organization looking for increases in business productivity, resiliency, scalability and security with fast deployment, along with simple management of your networks, this might be a good fit.

Cisco 3850 switch

Cisco Catalyst 3850 Switches

  • Multigigabit technology
  • PoE, PoE+, StackPower, UPOE
  • Stackable, Layer 2 and 3, 480 Gbps
  • 100 access points supported
  • Supports DNA and SD-Access)

Stackable Catalyst 3850 Series multigigabit and 10-Gbps network switches give you wired and wireless together so you can scale up and protect your investments. The 3850 Series from Cisco offers multigigabit and 10Gbps stackable switches. 

Cisco 4500 Series Switch

Cisco Catalyst 4500 Switches

  • Layer 2 -4 switching
  • Backwards compatible - multiple generations
  • 10Gb uplinks
  • Supports PoE+  and Universal PoE

The Catalyst 4500 Series with CenterFlex technology provides scalable nonblocking Layer 2-4 switching with Secure, Flexible, Non-Stop communications, enabling business resilience for enterprises, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), and Metro Ethernet customers deploying business-critical applications.

Cisco 6500 Series switch

Cisco Catalyst 6500 Switches

  • 10 / 100 / 1000, 1G, 10G, 40G ports
  • Centralized security policies
  • Wireless intrusion prevention system (IPS)
  • Award winning Rf management
  • QOS

A long time power house chassis switch. The Cisco 6500 switches are a go-to backbone switch for campus implementations. 

They are built for multigigabit Ethernet services.  

Available in 3,6, 9 and 13 slots form factors

Let our team help you get the right Cisco equipment for you.


Other Products for Cisco Switches

Cisco compatiple optics - GLC-SX-MM

Cisco Compatible Optics

Our Cisco compatible optics and SFP modules (SFPs) are simply the most reliable way to get the quality optics you want without the big price tag – and backed by a lifetime warranty to give you unrivaled peace of mind.
The costs for Cisco SFP modules can really add up over time. CXtec provides a smart alternative to help you save a lot of money.
These compatible optics are the exact same technology as the OEM a fraction of the cost.
Cat6 Network Cable

Network Cables

  • Cat6 Patch Cables
  • Cat6 Trunk Cables 
  • Reduced Diameter Cat6 Patch Cables
  • Reduced Diameter Cat6 Trunk Cables
  • Fiber Optic Patch Cables 
  • Fiber Optic Trunk Cables
  • Custom Cables
  • Custom Cable Labeling
  • Structured cabling solutions
  • Data center cabling solutions

CXtec can provide network cables for your every need from cabling up a single switch to big cabling projects. With the help of our world class cable division CABLExpress, we are the one-stop cabling partner of tons of customers.  

Cisco 6500 Supervisor Engine

Network Modules and Parts

In addition to providing a wide variety of Cisco switches, we also provide the modules, components, and parts. 
Looking for a supervisor engine or line card?
Need to a legacy network module?
Have to replace a fan on your chassis? 
Need a power supply? 
How about a stacking module?
With our huge inventory or parts and our experienced Cisco product team, you’ve got the right place.  Send us a request for quote or talk to our team. 

Cisco Maintenance Solutions That Put You In The Driver’s Seat

With Cisco being the popular choice for network hardware among IT professionals for several years, the maintenance solution has traditionally been to go with the OEM options.

However, with CXtec's RapidCare maintenance solutions you have very good choices outside of Cisco SmartNet for your Cisco switches and other hardware. 

In fact, CXtec has right-sized maintenance solutions for your Cisco gear based on your specific goals and criteria.

Learn More About How Our Maintenance Solutions

See How Much $$ You Can Save on Your Maintenance

Get Free Guide to Right-Sized Maintenance Solutions


Safe, Secure Hardware Disposal and Value Recovery

data securityThe time comes when it’s time to get rid of your used hardware. Maybe it’s time for a hardware refresh. Perhaps you just have some Catalyst switches, IP phones, or Aironet access points sitting around not doing you much good. As data security gains more and more importance, we can safely and securely dispose of your hardware.

With cybersecurity being a huge concern, many often overlook valuable organization data on hardware as a potential data breach risk. However, this happens more than you might think. With the average cost of a data breach in the US costing $8.3 million, according to a study by IBM, you want to work with a partner who has the resources, processes, expertise, and certifications to properly handle your used equipment

Get Money for Used Hardware

CXtec gives top dollar for a wide variety of network hardware, including Cisco equipment. This isn’t just a trade-in program either. Whether you are buying something or not, we are always purchasing all kinds of hardware. Here’s the great part. 

With our safe, simple, and secure process we make it easy as 1, 2, 3....

Sell Your Network Hardware - Get Cash or Credit

1. Fill out a quick form and send us your equipment list

2. We review your equipment list and let you know how much it’s worth

3. Get the highest market value for your equipment

Get cash or credit for your Cisco hardware and other IT equipment. Sell it to us and get top dollar!

Cisco Product Expertise

There is ton of value in having the right Cisco products, maintenance, and support. However, the product experts at CXtec have been making a huge difference for our customers in so many ways.


product expertsWhen you speak about your Cisco product or project needs with our experienced experts, there are a ton of benefits.

  • Avoid unnecessary costs, sometimes in the millions

  • Purchase the ideal hardware for the specific needs

  • Gain valuable advice from working with IT pros like you every day

  • Have an expert resource who understands your business and projects

  • Help you plan for this project and 5 – 10 years from now

  • Extend product life cycles to optimize budget dollars

  • Offer a new approach to conventional OEM conventions