Cisco Switches

Used Cisco Switches

Everything You Want When Purchasing Used Cisco Switches

  • Up to 90% off list price
  • 99.51% reliability rating - That's equal to or better than new.
  • Industry-leading lifetime warranty on all Cisco switches
  • Our long-standing record of friendly, customer service
  • Dedicated Cisco experts and resources to help you get just right solution at the right price

The Ideal Refurbished Cisco Switches

The equal2new® Advantage

CXtec’s equal2new used Cisco switches are the ultimate pre-owned option if you’re looking to save on your IT budget, while still getting high-quality products that offer top performance and reliability.

Our equal2new® certified pre-owned Cisco switches (Cisco 2950, 2900 switch & many more) have already demonstrated their value in the marketplace and we believe your business should reap the benefits, too!

So, why should you buy used Cisco switches from us over other options? CXtec employs the industry's best testing and diagnostic inspection processes to provide quality refurbished Cisco switches at up to 90% off list price.

When you buy used Cisco catalyst switches from us, you will reduce operating expenses, saving on resources and your limited budget, plus you'll be going green at the same time. What more could you ask for?

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Third-party maintenance to provide the right support for your Cisco switch needs

CXtec's RapidCare® next-business-day advance replacement program is the ideal solution to protect your investment in Cisco switches. When you use equal2new refurbished Cisco switches, you have the option of backing them with RapidCare - guaranteed to provide next-day replacement at a fraction of the cost of SMARTnet.

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