Cisco Routers

Used Cisco Routers

The best pre-owned Cisco routers at a price you can afford. Now you don't have to sacrifice quality to get the solution that works best for your budget.

CXtec's equal2new® refurbished Cisco routers come standard with a lifetime warranty and advance replacement as long as you own them.

Everything you want when you buy used Cisco routers:

  • Industry-Leading Lifetime Warranty - Lifetime warranty as a standard business practice on all used Cisco routers to give you unrivaled peace of mind.

  • Advance Replacement - You get advance replacement on your Cisco routers for as long as you own them.

  • Up to 90% Off List Price for Refurbished Cisco Routers - Get big discounts on used Cisco routers. High performance at low prices.

  • Expertise On Multi-Generational Offerings - Get all your pre-purchase technical questions answered by our highly knowledgeable tech support professionals.

  • Cisco Compatible SFPs & GBICs - All the quality you expect at a fraction of the price.



Huge Cisco Router Inventory

We've got all the popular Cisco routers (Cisco 3725, Cisco 3745 & many more) from legacy to leading edge.

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Used Cisco Routers Done Right

The equal2new® Difference

The refurbished Cisco routers (Cisco 3725, Cisco 3745 & many more) we supply our customers come from our exclusive brand of refurbished and pre-owned network hardware - equal2new®.

Our equal2new equipment allows customers like you to have the reliability and performance that is equal to or better than new. So when you buy used Cisco routers for sale from CXtec's equal2new line, you know not only are you saving some IT budget money, but you're also getting quality you won't find anywhere else.

If you want the reliability you expect from new Cisco router hardware with the bonus of…

  • Up to 90% off list price
  • 99.51% reliability rating - That's equal to or better than new
  • Industry-leading lifetime warranty on all Cisco routers
  • Our long-standing record of friendly, customer service
  • Dedicated Cisco experts and resources to help you get just right solution at the right price

Then CXtec's equal2new refurbished Cisco router lineup is the only choice.

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Extra Protection For Your Cisco Routers

RapidCare® Next-Business-Day Hardware Replacement Services

When you purchase equal2new refurbished Cisco routers from CXtec, you also have the added option of protecting your important investment.

RapidCare®, the ultimate next-business-day replacement service that provides you with maximum uptime at 50% or more off traditional OEM maintenance services.