Cisco Solutions

Used Cisco Hardware Solutions with Performance that's Equal to New at a Fraction of the Cost



Cisco Solutions

Solutions for the Cisco Hardware Life Cycle

  • Cisco Hardware
  • Staging & configuration
  • Cisco Maintenance & Support
  • Safe, Secure Hardware Disposal
  • Get Money for Your Used Equipment
  • Cisco experts to help you craft the right solutions

How Can Our Cisco Solutions help you?

  • Provide high reliability and performance
  • Reduced hardware costs
  • Create right-sized solutions
  • Extend product life cycles
  • Offer low cost Cisco maintenance 
  • Maintenance options for aging & EOL hardware
  • Staging and configurations services available
  • Get cash or credit for your used Cisco gear
  • Free up budget dollars for critical IT projects

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CXtec's equal2new® Cisco Hardware 

The World's Best Refurbished Cisco Equipment

equal2new - Cisco equipmentCXtec is the world’s premier provider of used Cisco equipment, but what we offer is more than just used Cisco gear.
quality - ciscoOur exclusive equal2new® brand of certified pre-owned Cisco equipment allows our customers to take advantage of all the benefits of purchasing refurbished Cisco hardware along with all of the peace of mind they expect from purchasing new. In fact, our Cisco equipment is as reliable as new OEM equipment or better. 

The Benefits of equal2new® Cisco Hardware

  • Up to 90% off list price
  • Lifetime warranty on all Cisco hardware
  • 99.51%+ reliability rating
  • Dedicated Cisco experts and resources
  • Each Unit Fully Tested
  • ISO Certified Quality Process
Plus, we offer maintenance and services for your Cisco gear. It's an unbeatable combination.

A Full Line of Cisco Equipment

With our refurbished and used Cisco hardware, you get performance guaranteed technology from North America's largest secondary market network hardware provider.


  • Cisco switches
  • Cisco Routers
  • Cisco Phones
  • Cisco Optics / SFPs
  • Cisco Wireless 
  • Cisco UCS Servers




Cisco Equipment

Used Cisco Switches

Cisco Switches - CXtec equal2newNow that Cisco has introduced the Nexus line, and is driving customers to adopt it, you could use a partner with expertise to continue to support the Catalyst switching solutions you rely on. CXtec is that partner. We have the refurbished Cisco switches you need.
Look what you get:
  • CXtec’s own Cisco Catalyst Support Program covers all your used Cisco switch needs
  • Helpful Catalyst Switch Selector Guide makes it easy to choose the right Cisco switch for you
  • Expertise with Cisco Catalyst 4500 and Cisco Catalyst 6500 chassis-based solutions
  • Pre-sale technical questions answered by our highly knowledgeable tech support professionals


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Cisco Phones - IP phones - VoIPUsed Cisco Phones

CXtec helps you buy the right Cisco phone, for the right reason. Business phones come with a lot of features, and Cisco phones are no different. We can assist you in finding the ideal used Cisco phones, with the ideal level of functionality for your business needs.
  • Exhaustive testing and refurbishing process to ensure every function on each Cisco phone is operational
  • Phones thoroughly cleaned and sanitized
  • Each Cisco phone packaged in its own box, with all necessary accessories needed to implement it
  • Stabilizing elastomeric film to keep every phone safe during shipping

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Used Cisco Routers

We carry a wide range of Cisco routers, all equal2new and offering the best value in the industry.
Look no further for used Cisco routers including the 800, 1800, 1900, 2800, 2900, 3800, 3900, 7200, and more.
  • Industry-leading lifetime warranty on all Cisco routers
  • Get the best speed, availability and features in your Cisco router
  • Expansive Cisco router selection with millions of dollars of inventory in stock
  • Pre-sales expertise to answer all your technical questions

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Cisco Compatible SFP Modules

SFP and GBIC costs can add up over time. Our Cisco compatible SFP modules are the perfect way to save big on your transceiver costs. They contain the same opto-electronics and are supplied by the same distributers. The only difference is the label!
  • Lifetime warranty on every compatible Cisco SFP
  • Identical hardware to Cisco transceivers, sourced through the same manufacturer
  • Fraction of the cost of Cisco SFP modules
  • In-depth counterfeit abatement process to ensure quality

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Used Cisco Wireless

You rely on the quality of Cisco wireless solutions, but how do you get the highest quality Cisco wireless hardware without blowing up your budget? Step up to the best! Get CXtec's equal2new refurbished Cisco wireless equipment.
  • Industry-leading lifetime warranty
  • Rigorous certification process to ensure high quality
  • 99.51% reliability rating on all Cisco wireless hardware
  • Extensive inventory with same-day shipping available on most models

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Cisco UCS Servers

Take storage and networking to the next level. CXtec has the expertise to provide the Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) blade servers that deliver versatility and unmatched storage to help you manage IT infrastructures at any scale.
CXtec offers equal2new® fully configured Cisco UCS solutions – complete with a lifetime warranty with advance replacement.
Our blade server selection includes Cisco's M1-M5 series, so we can match you with a server fit for your individual business needs to maximize your network. From components to fully configured solutions, we handle all your Cisco UCS needs


Cisco Maintenance

Cisco Maintenance Solutions That Put You In The Driver's Seat

With Cisco being the popular choice for network hardware among IT professionals for several years, the maintenance solution has traditionally been to go with the OEM options.
However, you do have very good choices outside of Cisco SmartNet for your Cisco switches and other hardware. In fact, CXtec has right-sized maintenance solutions for your Cisco gear based on your specific goals and criteria. 


Right-sized Maintenance Solutions

maintenance - ciscoWith our own brand of hardware maintenance, RapidCare®, we help IT professionals optimize their maintenance while reducing costs.
Based on your hardware refresh cycle, goals, and other business factors our team can craft a solution that works for your specific needs.
From our experience, for most companies the best option is adopting a hybrid maintenance solution that combines Smart Net with an independent service such as RapidCare maintenance.

RapidCare® Hardware Replacement Services

When you buy used Cisco equipment for sale from CXtec, you also have the added option of protecting your important investment with maintenance offering that allows you to optimize and customize your hardware support while reducing costs.
RapidCare®, the ultimate next-business-day replacement service that provides you with maximum uptime at 50% or more off traditional OEM maintenance service.

Hybrid Support Strategy is Ideal for Cisco Users

With a hybrid support strategy, you get the best of both worlds. You get to combine the OEM support you’ve grown accustomed to with third-party support options that provide you a whole new degree of flexibility and independence.
You are no longer limited to a single maintenance offering that focuses on supporting newer hardware and diminishes in support and value over time. Learn more about the benefits of hybrid support strategy and how you can reap these benefits yourself.


Safe, Secure Hardware Disposal & Value Recovery

network hardware, IT equipment disposalDispose of Your Hardware Wisely

The time comes when it’s time to get rid of your used hardware. Maybe it’s time for a hardware refresh. Perhaps you just have some Catalyst switches, IP phones, or Aironet access points sitting around not doing you much good. As data security gains more and more importance, we can safely and securely dispose of your hardware.
data securityWith cybersecurity being a huge concern, many often overlook valuable organization data on hardware as a potential data breach risk. However, this happens more than you might think. With the average cost of a data breach in the US costing $8.3 million, according to a study by IBM, you want to work with a partner who has the resources, processes, expertise, and certifications to properly handle your used equipment

Get Money for Used Hardware

CXtec gives top dollar for a wide variety of network hardware, including Cisco equipment. This isn’t just a trade-in program either. Whether you are buying something or not, we are always purchasing all kinds of hardware. Here’s the great part.  With our safe, simple, and secure process we make it easy.
1. Fill out a quick form and send us your equipment list
2. We review your equipment list and let you know how much it’s worth
3. Get the highest market value for your equipment


Cisco Product Expertise

product expertsThere is ton of value in having the right Cisco products, maintenance, and support. However, the product experts at CXtec have been making a huge difference for our customers in so many ways.

When you speak about your Cisco product or project needs with our experienced experts, there are a ton of benefits.

  • Avoid unnecessary costs, sometimes in the millions
  • Purchase the ideal hardware for the specific needs
  • Gain valuable advice from working with IT pros like you every day
  • Have an expert resource who understands your business and projects
  • Help you plan for this project and 5 – 10 years from now
  • Extend product life cycles to optimize budget dollars
  • Offer a new approach to conventional OEM conventions



Complete Cisco Life Cycle Management

Cisco Products, Services, and Solutions at Every Stage of the Life Cycle

If you want the reliability you expect from new Cisco hardware with the bonus of up to 90% off list price, a true lifetime warranty, unrivaled expertise and customer service, and the ultimate next-business-day replacement services, then CXtec's equal2new refurbished Cisco equipment is the only choice.


With our full suite of Cisco products and services, CXtec is suited to serve our customers throughout the hardware life cycle. From obtaining new hardware to recovering value for your used Cisco assets, we can help you at every stage.
  • Obtaining New Hardware
    • Refreshes, projects, or one-off needs
  • Services like staging, configurations, and installation
  • Hardware maintenance and product support
  • Safe, secure disposal or decommissioning hardware
  • Recovering value for used hardware