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The expert partner for all your used 3Com equipment needs

We're the trusted, supported choice for used 3Com network hardware and used 3Com phones. CXtec has your refurbished 3Com equipment needs covered.

We are strongly committed and consistently successful in selling refurbished 3Com products. We have invested more than most in training and technology specializations.

Our high level of credibility and support in the marketplace, as well as our multitude of certifications and specializations, will tell you that we're a great fit as your 3Com provider.

Quality used 3Com equipment:

  • Lifetime warranty as a standard business practice

  • Advance replacement for as long as you own the products

  • Up to 90% off list price

  • 99.51% reliability rating

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Trust CXtec to support you with any used 3Com solution you choose. Our experts are here to help you every step along the way. CXtec has the expertise and knowledge to support any 3Com switch & phone requirements you may have... regardless of what the merging of product lines may bring. Our job is to meet your needs, not to force manufacturers’ solutions on you. Call us and find out the difference CXtec can make in meeting all your used 3Com requirements.

The CXtec 3Com Continued Support Program

We at CXtec are excited about the HP/3Com merger. HP has integrated 3Com’s network switching, routing and security solutions with HP’s existing ProCurve solutions, creating a comprehensive portfolio for customers. This is exciting because the respective 3Com and HP portfolios are extremely complementary in terms of products, geographies and channels.

But what will happen to your existing 3Com infrastructure? Will you still be able to maintain and grow it?

Being forced by unpredictable outside influences to completely change your infrastructure upgrade strategy before you’re ready is bad news. The good news is you don’t have that worry hanging over your head.

CXtec will be here to continue to support your investment with 3Com for years to come.

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What can the CXtec 3Com Continued Support Program do for you?

CXtec has been in the networking business for nearly 40 years, and we've been a nationally recognized 3Com provider for more than 15 years. When we learned of the acquisition, we decided to launch our 3Com Continued Support Program.

The benefits of our 3Com Continued Support Program include the assurance that when you buy used 3Com, any investment you make today, or have made in the past, will be protected and supported for the life of your equipment. We have the comprehensive experience and expertise to help you maintain your 3Com platform from now into the distant future.

It's our goal at CXtec to give you peace of mind knowing the investment you made in 3Com will be supported for years to come, regardless of any unforeseen outcomes of the acquisition. Our equal2new® certified pre-owned brand of refurbished 3Com data and voice hardware with its lifetime warranty allows you to maintain your 3Com infrastructure for the long haul and still stay within your budget.

We know that you made an investment in buying used 3Com phones & switches that you need to last. With today’s climate of budget cuts and decreased IT funding, you need a technology partner that can help you maintain your infrastructure and save money while doing it.

We're the only partner in the game that maintains a huge inventory 3Com products and holds 3Com certifications in enterprise switching, LAN, wireless and security.

This means we give you the inventory, pricing, and support to help you maintain or grow your 3Com investment.

Our highly knowledgeable tech support professionals are prepared to handle all your pre-purchase technical questions. With a full 3Com offering from LinkSwitch to VCX, and same day shipping available on most orders, CXtec is ready and able to accommodate any used 3Com switch or phone needs you might have.

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equal2new® - Our certified refurbished 3Com solutions

You know buying used 3Com phones, switches or any other equipment is a smart way to get the most out of your budget. We're here to tell you about equal2new - our exclusive brand of certified pre-owned networking and voice hardware.

With equal2new, you get the advantages of buying new along with savings of up to 90% off list. Backed by a true lifetime warranty, equal2new refurbished 3Com products offer you peace of mind and they're guaranteed to perform.

There’s no better way to save much-needed funds in your IT budget, yet still deliver quality performance in your network. And the money you save on equal2new refurbished 3Com can always be re-routed to other necessary business needs. Flexibility, affordability and dependability - that’s how we help you achieve Technology @ Your Pace®.

Plus, when you purchase equal2new refurbished 3Com equipment, you have the added benefit of protecting your investment with RapidCare®. Our RapidCare next business day advance hardware replacement offering is the ultimate answer for system uptime. You get guaranteed next business day replacement of your hardware, at savings of up to 50% or more off traditional OEM services.

It's all a part of our trademark Technology @ Your Pace philosophy. At CXtec, we seek to customize the right solution for each of our customers.

We don't push products; we advise and provide solutions. And we can help you save time and resources with equal2new refurbished 3Com along with RapidCare. Get the right used 3Com switch & phone solution, the one that works for your technology infrastructure, and get it from a trusted partner like CXtec.

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Certifications and Specializations

3Com Certifications and Specializations

  • 3Com IP Telephony Experts (4)
  • 3Com Enterprise LAN Expert
  • 3Com Certified Sales Professional
  • 3Com Certified SMB Sales Professional
  • NBX Certified
  • VCX Certifications
  • Enterprise LAN Certified
  • Wireless LAN Accredited
  • Legacy Superstack Certifications
  • Legacy Corebuilder Certifications