Skinny-Trunk® Fiber Jumpers

CABLExpress® Skinny-Trunk® solutions offer the performance, manageability, flexibility and time savings to ensure your data center runs with maximum efficiency.

Not all cables are made the same – CABLExpress uses industry-leading Corning glass in all of its TAA-compliant Skinny-Trunk fiber optic cabling to guarantee you receive only the highest quality cabling components.

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Skinny-Trunk® Fiber Jumpers



  • 3mm diameter saves space, ensuring critical airflow paths are not blocked in cabinets
  • Optional 2mm uniboot construction allows easier plug-in and unplugging, provides robust strain relief, and saves critical space
  • Available in a variety of multi-mode and single-mode lengths and connector styles
  • Standard duplex zipcord construction on side release clip cable offers easy field-reversible polarity
  • Designed for high performance – rigorously tested for repeatability and loss, giving you the highest quality product that will perform for generations of hardware to come

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Learn the importance of Specifying Fiber Infrastructure as a Critical Network Component.

There’s no doubt your switches, servers and storage devices are critical parts of your network.

But the cables this expensive equipment is plugging into need to be made a top priority to ensure optimal network performance.

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