Skinny-Trunk® Solution

Skinny-Trunk® Product Offering

The Skinny-Trunk® Solution consists of:

High-density trunking and fiber optic cable system

The CABLExpress® Skinny-Trunk® Solution is an innovative, high-density fiber optic structured cabling system designed to improve performance and maximize the overall efficiency of your data center.

Our engineers have developed this all-encompassing solution with your organization in mind, to save space in your data center and prepare your layer one infrastructure for future generations of upgrades.

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Benefits of the Skinny Trunk Solution

Increases performance

Meets and exceeds TIA-942 standards for dB loss through a rigorous, industry-leading testing process.

Saves money

Lowers costs to manage and cool your data center, decreasing total overall cost of ownership.

Saves space and valuable square footage

Reduces cable congestion, making room for additional equipment and future growth within the data center.

Maximizes return on investment

Increases ROI with a pre-engineered, plug-and-play solution – ensuring your cabling infrastructure will last through multiple generations of future hardware upgrades.

The Skinny-Trunk Solution will not only make your job easier, but will also save you lots of time and resources on future upgrades, minimize cable management issues, and lower your total cost of ownership. Get the most out of your technology investment by building a future-proof infrastructure built on a strong foundation. In addition, all Skinny-Trunk products come with a lifetime warranty.

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