Network Hardware Spares Program

Spares Program – Your Wise Back-up Plan

It’s all about uptime. We’re always looking for smart, strategic ways to better ours. But it has to be affordable too; that goes without saying. Why not a system of hot, swappable spares at your disposal?

Sure it would be nice to have those spares ready to go at a moment’s notice, but it would cost quite a bit wouldn’t it? Not with equal2new®.

With equal2new, you get top-notch quality refurbished networking equipment at a fraction of the cost. This gives you the unique opportunity to implement a program to acquire spares for your mission-critical technology components.

Because what happens in an outage? It’s a nightmare, but we all know it’s possible (and those of us who have lived through one know we don’t ever want to see another). Even if you’re covered by a network hardware maintenance program, best-case scenario is you get your replacement hours later – usually it’s the next day. This is nice but enduring hours of downtime in your mission-critical areas is unacceptable. Having spares on-hand already configured and ready to take over in case of an emergency is ideal.

Or what about the sweet spot between spares and maintenance coverage? If you figure you have a certain number of devices that are mission-critical in the core of your network, backing them continually with maintenance might actually be more expensive without any return in the long run. If you back those with spares, not only do you get nearly instantaneous replacement in the case of a failure, but you can always make a return on your investment in those spare technologies. You can save on maintenance programs, using them only for units that are not as mission-critical at the edge of your network.

The pieces come together and equal2new can help make it happen for you. With equal2new you can affordably implement a spares program and keep Technology @ Your Pace®.

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