The equal2new® Experience: Phone Refurbishing

We put a great amount of time and pride into developing an in-depth refurbishing process on our equal2new® phones.

Why equal2new? Because we know what you're up against, and we created the solution:

With equal2new®, you get phones that are fully functional and ready to work for you.

From legacy TDM systems to current Avaya and Cisco models, we provide high-quality IP, digital, conference, and wireless phones.

Our facility is fully protected from electrostatic discharge, and our technicians are grounded to prevent any ESD mishaps when performing our testing procedures.

Our rigid, detail-driven refurbishing process delivers unrivaled quality and phones that are as good as new.

We remove most phones’ housings and thoroughly clean the inside of the phones.

Then we test the LCD display, lights, and buttons to ensure optimal quality and functionality.

To complete our testing, we place calls to and from the phones to ensure that every function, every button, every feature, and every port on the phones is fully operational.

We ensure the phones we provide are authentic by verifying the MAC address on each IP phone.

To get the phones safely to you, we use a proprietary method to package each phone in its own box featuring custom air pockets to keep the phone secure – and our packaging is built to protect any phones with built-in cameras.

We include a new handset, handset cord, and patch cable in the box with the phone, and we affix a label to the outside of the box that includes serial number, part number, and even a scannable MAC address.

At end, we also test voice gateways, media modules, and ATAs – so you know all your voice needs are covered.

That’s equal2new® – performance guaranteed technology equipment ready to work for you.