The equal2new® Experience: Network Hardware Testing

Every equal2new® product undergoes rigorous testing at CXtec’s state-of-the-art facility before ever finding its way to you.

Why equal2new? Because we know what you're up against, and we created the solution:

With equal2new®, you get hardware that will work – no more missed deadlines or awkward equipment failure moments.

All equal2new hardware has passed stringent testing and counterfeit abatement procedures – so you can rely on authenticity and top-notch performance.

Our facility is fully protected from electrostatic discharge, and our technicians are grounded to prevent any ESD mishaps when performing our testing procedures.

First, we power up each device and make sure it passes its Power On Self Test.

Next we ensure that the DRAM (Dee Ram) and FLASH are up to current manufacturer specs. If not, we update them.

We then load test every port by passing traffic over multiple ports and VLANs (Vee Lans) simultaneously via a proprietary script-based simulation engine.

This process performs traffic generation at the manufacturer-rated speed using trademarked traffic generators.

Then we test all optic ports and all Power over Ethernet ports on every eligible device to ensure that every port on the device is operational and passing traffic.

Once we’ve fully tested the unit, we reset it to all factory defaults, free from any previous configurations.

That’s equal2new – performance guaranteed technology equipment ready to work for you.