How to Test Polycom CX600 Phones

A quick how-to video on testing procedures on the Polycom CX600 (Microsoft Lync-enabled) phones - performed by Shawna, CXtec product engineer and Chris, CXtec phone tester.


Shawna: Hi, I'm Shawna, a product engineer at CXtec. Today we're going to walk you through the CX600 which is a Microsoft Lync phone optimized for Microsoft Lync, which means it actually has full Microsoft Lync firmware loaded on this particular phone. Today we have Chris, one of our testers at CXtec, that's going to walk us through the testing procedure.

Chris: Hi, I'm Chris. I'm going to walk you through the testing procedures of the CX600. First thing we're going to do here is plug in our phone. We'll do that. We're going to hold down the star and pound keys. This will factory reset the phone, get out any old information out of it. Going to hit yes to continue, then we're going to let the phone load.

Now the phone is going to prompt you to press the enter button to get started. Go ahead and select your language. We will select English. If you don't have a computer, you're going to go ahead and press no. Now we're going to put in our extension, hit next. The default pin should be 1, 2, 3, and 4. Sign in. Hit done to finish.

Now we'll make the test call. We'll dial in the extension we want to dial. Look for the Lync status. Hit call. Now you'll notice when the call is connected, the LED will change color. Red for on a call, yellow for idle, green for available. After we've checked all the buttons and functionality of the phone, we can go ahead and hang up, and the test is completed.

Shawna: Thanks a lot, Chris, for showing that demonstration. As you can tell, he tests a lot of these throughout his day. I hope you really enjoyed this video on the CX600. If you have any more information, please don't hesitate to contact us.