Get maximum reliability and performance with equal2new®

With equal2new® you get certified pre-owned IT equipment that delivers the world’s highest reliability and performance – making it the ideal way to maximize value in your technology infrastructure.

Why equal2new? Because we know what you're up against, and we created the solution...

CXtec’s equal2new brand of certified pre-owned IT equipment delivers the world’s highest reliability and performance – making it the ideal way to maximize value in your technology infrastructure. To create our equal2new hardware, we buy server, storage, networking, and voice technology from end users. Then we clean it, test it, certify it – and pass that quality and added value on to other end users like you who rely on it.

Our certification process is backed by an ISO 9001:2015-certified quality management system and is performed in a completely electrostatic discharge-protected environment. We’re so confident our process delivers reliable quality to you that we back equal2new with a lifetime warranty as long as you own your device. That’s the industry’s strongest warranty.

With more than 140,000 square feet of space dedicated to making our certification process the best on Earth, we process your hardware quickly and maintain an extensive inventory ready to ship to you right away. Our process is our way of assuring that equal2new products have the quality and reliability to meet your expectations and your business needs.

Every step in our process is geared toward quickness and efficiency, while still maintaining quality and accuracy in all our procedures. Each piece of equipment is immediately given its own unique barcode to ensure that it can be tracked accurately through every step in our certification process.

Our hardware testing procedures are stringent and thorough – assuring you authenticity and top-notch performance. We load test every port by passing traffic over multiple ports and VLANs simultaneously via a proprietary script-based simulation engine. This process performs traffic generation at the manufacturer-rated speed using trademarked traffic generators. Then we test all optic ports and all Power over Ethernet ports on every eligible device to ensure that every port on the device is operational and passing traffic. Once we’ve tested and upgraded the unit, we reset it to all factory defaults, free from any previous configurations.

Our testing process on phones is just as detailed. We remove most phones’ housings and thoroughly clean the inside of the phones. Then we test the LCD display, lights, and buttons to ensure optimal quality and functionality.

We also want our products to look new as well. We remove covers and blow any excess debris out of each unit with an air gun. We also repaint covers that could use refreshing, and our curing oven is able to accommodate multiple units to ensure speed and efficiency. Then we check all ports and thoroughly clean the device.

Our shipping procedures ensure that you get your equipment quickly and it won’t be damaged on its way to you. Every box is affixed with a label describing its exact contents, including serial number, manufacturer part number, and even the MAC address for IP phones. Plus, we include rack mount hardware and power cords for every eligible device. Our custom-fitted packaging provides cushioned, contoured protection around both data hardware and phones to keep them safe at all times during shipping. And we use a proprietary method to package each phone in its own box featuring custom air pockets to keep the phone secure.

Our stringent process is proof of the commitment we make to the quality of equal2new. And it’s why equal2new is the ideal solution for you and your organization.