ShoreTel Phones Testing Process

High-Quality, Reliable ShoreTel IP Phones

If you're looking for the highest quality refurbished ShoreTel phones, then we have good news for you. Every one of our equal2new® ShoreTel IP phones is backed by a true lifetime warranty, as well as a 99.51% reliability rating.

How will you know equal2new ShoreTel phones will work?

Just because our equal2new ShoreTel IP phones are pre-owned, doesn’t mean you can’t depend on their quality. This video illustrates our in-depth testing process:

Our ShoreTel phones testing procedure:

  • Place calls to and from each phone to ensure the call functions work, checking the mic, speakers, handset and hook switch.
  • Put phone into test mode by hitting the mute key, typing R-R-A-M-O-S (7-7-2-6-6-7), and hitting the pound (#) key. Enter the password (1-2-3-4) and hit # key again to enter test mode.
  • Test LED lights by typing L-E-D (5-3-3) and hitting the # key. This illuminates all LED lights on the phone to ensure they all work.
  • Check the functionality of all keys by typing K-E-Y (5-3-9) and hitting the # key. Type each button on the phone to produce an audible tone to ensure they’re working properly. Hit # key twice to exit key test mode.
  • Test the LCD by typing L-C-D (5-2-3) and hitting the # key to set off a string of diagnostic displays to ensure it contains no broken lines.
  • Type C-L-E-A-R (2-5-3-2-7) and hit the # key to clear all phone data so that it’s ready to ship.

This testing process is our way of providing the highest quality – it’s why our customers get ShoreTel phones that are equal to, or better than, new.

See more of our ShoreTel testing process below:

CXtecShoreTel_IMG_0215.jpg CXtecShoreTel_IMG_0226.jpg CXtecShoreTel_IMG_0231.jpg CXtecShoreTel_IMG_0195.jpg