Make Your Job Easier

Your job isn’t easy. That may be the understatement of the year.

Anyone who manages an IT infrastructure – from procuring products and services to creating strategic plans – knows how hard it is to deal with all the moving parts.

Simplifying one of the hardest jobs in the world

CXtec understands the challenges you face, and our goal is to help.

Making your job easier is our goal. In this climate of diversified IT responsibilities, we help you rethink how you buildsupportdecommission, and upgrade your technology infrastructure.

Our expert services allow you to:

  • Create bandwidth for your in-house team
  • Drive innovation at your organization
  • Augment staff expertise with a wide vision of best practices
  • Deliver solutions quickly and efficiently
  • Simplify hardware support experiences

Let's make your job a little easier together.

Create bandwidth for your team

Your in-house team is amazing at what they do. They understand everything your organization needs to run efficiently, and they know how to handle your environment’s ever-changing requirements.

But what if you could free up their time and create more bandwidth for them?

Think about it.

Why have your team constantly researching different technologies, then using their valuable time to install and implement them?

You could use an expert third-party to help you assess your needs, advise on solutions to meet them, then handle the routine, yet time-consuming, process of configuring and installing your new technology.

CXtec is just the expert to help you save man-hours of your team’s time.

Drive innovation at your organization

No longer is the IT team relegated to the basement. Now technology has taken the driver’s seat at your organization – and it’s brought some new responsibilities along with it.

It’s not enough to just keep everyone on the internet anymore. Now it’s your job to use innovative technology solutions to drive organizational success, no matter what industry you’re in.

Once you’ve created bandwidth for your team, that’s when you can really bring true value to your organization.

By using CXtec services, you can then prioritize your team’s time to seek out innovative ways to boost organizational success.

We help you better use your own team's expertise.

Augment staff expertise with a wide vision of best practices

In order to help augment your in-house team’s expertise, it helps to partner with someone with experience to help you seek out new solutions.

CXtec has more than 40 years of experience in the IT industry, and we bring a wide vision of best practices to the table when you partner with us.

We work with organizations of all sizes, in every industry, across the globe.

We’re an advocate for your needs, looking to provide the right solutions for your organization’s unique structure and requirements.

It’s not about replacing your in-house team – it’s about allowing you to implement smart solutions that drive innovation and are the right fit for your organization.

Use our knowledge to expand yours.

Deliver solutions quickly and efficiently

Bringing a partner with the depth of experience and expertise that CXtec has allows you to move quicker and more efficiently when implementing new solutions.

CXtec can advise on solutions and save you and your team time in the research phase.

Then when it comes to configuration and installation, CXtec can help make that process easier and more pain-free.

Stop dreading the headache of handling the logistics – put an expert like CXtec to work for you.

Get time back on your side.

Simplify hardware support experiences

Tired of sitting on hold for hours waiting for Dell support?

Enjoying getting transferred around 12 times on your Cisco TAC calls?

Maybe there's a better way to do IT hardware support service…

With RapidCare® service, you get a maintenance offering focused on great, customer-first service and high-quality replacement parts from a leader in the secondary hardware market.

We also practice “quick-to-field” dispatch - ensuring your break/fix ticket gets into the hands of a field technician much more quickly than those process-heavy OEM programs.

Enjoy an easier hardware support experience.

CXtec service team has one goal in mind – your success.

Find out how easy it is to work with us.