Create Custom Support Solutions

Is OEM support always the best option?

Maybe there's a time and place when other strategies make more sense.

Right-size your IT hardware support

Using a hybrid support solution entails using a mix of OEM support, third-party maintenance, and a spares program to get the right level of support in every area of your technology infrastructure.

How much could you save by considering alternatives to OEM support in areas where it makes sense?

CXtec can help you reduce the cost of IT hardware support - while still maintaining coverage you can rely on.

With a hybrid support solution, you can:

  • Save OPEX budget
  • Get the right level of maintenance
  • Enjoy a flexible, easy support experience
  • Customize the ideal solution for your needs

Get the support experience you've been waiting for.

How a hybrid support solution can work for you. Read the guide...

The Hybrid Support Strategy

Not every infrastructure is built the same, and not every area requires the high price of OEM support.

A hybrid support model allows you to get the right level of coverage everywhere in your infrastructure.

It probably makes sense to keep your collaboration, security, and mission-critical functionality on OEM support, so you have those patches and updates.

But there are areas where third-party maintenance makes sense so you can save a bit.

Like in high-density areas where you’re using reliable hardware with a stable OS, especially if your gear is approaching end-of-life milestones from the OEM.

Check out this graph that shows the areas that make sense for each support option:

Using a mix of OEM support on your newer, most critical technology, and TPM on less critical hardware can deliver huge savings and a support structure that fits perfectly for your needs.

Especially when you find a quality TPM service you can rely on.

This graph shows the many advantages TPM will help you realize:

The smart TPM solution

CXtec’s RapidCare® third-party maintenance offering focuses on great service and high-quality replacement parts from a leader in the secondary hardware market.

The same great processes that drive our equal2new® certified pre-owned hardware brand also drive our RapidCare maintenance service, assuring you quality replacement parts that will work when you get them.

We move quickly to meet your needs – ensuring your query gets into the hands of a field technician much more quickly than the process-heavy OEM programs.

If you haven’t considered using third-party maintenance, the time is now.

There are tons of benefits for you and RapidCare is the solution that reduces complexity and costs much less.

Get the SLA that works best for your needs

Keep a reduced SLA on devices you’re not ready to retire

Align your OPEX spend with organizational requirements

Put off unnecessary hardware refreshes driven by OEM policies

Easy-to-manage contract across brands and devices

User-friendly policies, easy-to-add devices

Get the ideal IT hardware support for you.

CXtec will help you create the custom solution you deserve.