Nortel Switches

equal2new® – Refurbished Nortel Switches For All Your Needs

Your network – regardless of your industry or the size of your business – is mission-critical. Every component in your network has to be high-quality and reliable. And you know that the Nortel brand remains a reliable choice for network switches, as long as you can continue to support that investment.
And IT budgets can be tight these days. So what if you could still get the highest-quality quality used Nortel switches at a truly great price? You can. But the refurbished Nortel switches offered by CXtec aren’t just used Nortel switches – they’re equal2new.

When it comes to used Nortel switches, you’re looking for only the highest quality at the best price. With CXtec and equal2new®, you’ve found both.


Save Up to 90% Off List Price on Pre-Owned Nortel Switches

CXtec offers equal2new® refurbished Nortel switches at a price that just makes good business sense. You know that the secondary network hardware market can mean enormous savings on system components like Nortel switches. And you’re smart enough to look for the best name in network technology when you go shopping.

Reliability & Performance That's Equal to New Network Hardware

What sets equal2new apart from the competition? Plenty. Every used Nortel switch we offer equal2new undergoes a rigorous diagnostic inspection and testing process on hundreds of specs before we’ll call it equal2new. So you get the reliable Nortel name, the added value of the equal2new brand, and up to 90% off list price.

Lifetime Warranty Provides Added Protection & Peace of Mind

Nortel Switches - Lifetime Warranty ProtectionIn addition, equal2new refurbished Nortel switches are backed by a true lifetime warranty, as well as unrivaled expertise and customer service. To top it off, all our equal2new refurbished Nortel switches can be supported by RapidCare®, our own next-business-day advance replacement offering. So you get peace of mind along with your price savings!

Technology @ Your Pace®

The perfect philosophy for your used Nortel switch needs

You’ve heard it before, from just about every equipment vendor in the business – “We don’t sell products, we sell solutions.” But what they’re really going to try to sell you is the latest and greatest and most expensive. And that may not be the solution you’re looking for.

Only you know what your specific business needs are. Only you know what budgetary restraints and time crunches you’re constantly under. So it’s our job to help you by assessing your technology needs, and then working with you to find the right equipment at a price that matches your budget requirements.

CXtec understands that the right technology, the right equipment and the right price are all part of the “solution” formula. That’s why our trademark philosophy is Technology @ Your Pace®.

Nortel Experts to Help You Find The Right Nortel Switch

So when you’re in the market for used Nortel switches, you can rest assured that CXtec product experts will help you find the equal2new® refurbished Nortel switch that not only fits your technical specs, but your budgetary specs as well. Maybe we can’t make your boss understand your job, or give you a crystal ball that tells the future, but we can offer you equal2new refurbished Nortel switches to help you achieve Technology @ Your Pace.

Is it any wonder that companies everywhere are turning to CXtec for their refurbished Nortel switches, routers, phone equipment and more? It makes one aspect of your job just that much easier. Give us a call and experience the difference equal2new and Technology @ Your Pace can have for you!


With CXtec, time and talent are always on your side

So we have the right product – used Nortel switches – at the right price: up to 90% off list. But can CXtec provide just the right refurbished Nortel switch, quickly, and with the support you need to back it up?


CXtec has an extensive inventory – our 70,000 square foot Technology Certification and Distribution Center (TCDC) puts millions of dollars of inventory at your fingertips – pre-packaged and ready to ship. And it can often ship the same day it’s ordered.

We back every refurbished Nortel switch we offer with the service that gives you peace of mind. Our Nortel-trained experts are certified, and can provide the comprehensive support you need to get your network up and running, and keep it up and running.