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equal2new® - Top Quality Refurbished Nortel Phones

CXtec connects you with the highest-quality refurbished Nortel phones you can get your hands on in the market! Don’t automatically think you have to buy new, or implement a different manufacturer, to fill your voice needs. CXtec provides you with a smart, cost-effective choice to buy used Nortel phones at affordable prices.

Performance-guaranteed Nortel Phones

  • equal2new - Nortel RoutersUp to 90% off list price
  • Lifetime warranty as a standard business practice
  • 70,000 square foot distribution & certification center with giant Inventory
  • Each unit tested in ESD protected environment
  • Dedicated industry experts and resources
  • 99.51% reliability rating

What is equal2new?
It’s our own brand of pre-owned hardware, and it’s our promise that your used Nortel phones will be equal to – or better than – new. Our equal2new® used Nortel phone systems are backed by a lifetime warranty and guaranteed to perform.

So why spend the money on a brand new system when it’s simply not necessary? There’s no need to blow your budget when you have a trustworthy, reliable option. With equal2new on your side, you have a convenient, economical, and reputable option for quality used Nortel phones. We have all the Nortel phones you need!

The Nortel Phones You Need at a Price You Can Afford

CXtec offers a wide range of equal2new® used Nortel phones as an alternative to costly new systems. Pre-owned Nortel phones still provide value as long as you get them from a reliable source. Our wide selection of equal2new refurbished Nortel phones might just give you more options than you’ll know what to do with!  Just take a look at what we have to offer and you’ll be astonished at how much you can save on the wide array of Nortel phones you need.

Technology @ Your Pace®
We tailor our equal2new solutions to your business communications needs so you can continue to manage your daily operations with the Nortel phones you rely on. That’s the commitment behind our trademark Technology @ Your Pace® philosophy. You know your business needs and we’re here to help you accomplish them. We work with you to achieve success by ensuring your communication network is customized to meet your needs and operates to your expectations. As your business expands or expectations change, we have the talented staff to integrate the technical requirements necessary to make what you need work. So rest assured we get you the right refurbished Nortel phones – the ones that work best for your business.

Nortel Experts to Support Your Projects and Purchases
Trust our trained professionals to help you select the best options and styles available to suit your business requirements. You can put Technology @ Your Pace to work for you and let us assist you in making the decision on Nortel phones easy. CXtec’s trained representatives can help you narrow down your search and coach you on the best used Nortel phone solution that will meet all of your requirements, and plan for future ones as well.

Wide Variety of Nortel Phones
We carry multiple refurbished Nortel phone models with a variety of accessories to meet diverse demands for features, ease of use, and productivity. Within our inventory, we have many used Nortel phones designed for the most specialized needs and the most demanding usage – for a variety of business environments and specific locations within the business.

When CXtec recommends the best used Nortel phone solution for your business, you can depend on your system to perform to the capacity you expect – with flexibility, expandability, and dependability.

Extensive inventory

We’re ready to meet your used Nortel phone needs now!
Whether your enterprise is large or small, we stock millions of dollars’ worth of Nortel inventory to meet your needs, and have all the assorted options and styles to boot. What’s more, our equal2new® refurbished Nortel phones are reconditioned, impeccably cleaned, and tested by the best technicians in the industry to bring you the most reliable Nortel phones at a cost-efficient price.

Testing & Certification
CXtec has the most rigorous refurbishing program available today to provide you the top quality products you need, at the price you deserve. We change housings on most models and provide new handsets, buttons and designation strips. And we test each phone to make sure every function on the phone is operational. Then each phone is shipped to you ready to go in its own individual box. They’re shrink-wrapped for safe shipping – no damaged components or loose parts rattling around in unstable packaging.

Taken together you can see exactly why our equal2new refurbished Nortel phones are guaranteed to perform. Just contact our sales specialists to fit you with the right used Nortel phone system and it will seem like it was custom-ordered to suit both your operational and budgetary needs.


Back your refurbished Nortel phones with the ideal answer for uptime
You have the option of backing your equal2new® Nortel phones with RapidCare®, CXtec’s next-business-day advance hardware replacement for your technology. It’s simply the quickest, most reliable option to guarantee your hardware is up and running in a flash. Plus, using RapidCare typically costs customers as much as 50% less than traditional OEM maintenance, making it the smart financial choice as well.
When you choose CXtec for your used Nortel phone needs, you can put your mind at ease. With equal2new and RapidCare, you get the outstanding quality you’ve come to expect from Nortel phones, backed by the commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction you can only get from CXtec.


Easy Out-of-Box Packaging

Making Small to Large Deployments Quick & Easy
When it comes to refurbished Nortel phones, CXtec has gone to great lengths to ensure you get everything you need.