Three Key Components
of Hybrid Support

A hybrid support solution can work for you

When considering a hybrid support solution featuring third-party maintenance (TPM), you should take into account the customized support you receive, the cost savings you can realize, and the advantages of contract flexibility.

This segment is taken from a recent podcast that delves into the benefits of third-party maintenance (TPM) and how it fits into the concept of a hybrid support solution. View the full podcast here.


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Look, it's really this simple. It's three key takeaways from my perspective. It's the customized support. You know what type of organization you have, if you're a big Fortune 25 company, you have a great IT team that you just need someone to augment them and support them and push them through the process to get them back to doing what you need them to do making you money.

Smaller teams, as the cost gets compressed we see reduced headcount. I know for a fact some companies have an Oracle admin, who is also their Microsoft admin, who is also their Cisco admin, and they can't go super deep. They can only cover so much. So then you need another line of support and third-party maintenance really helps you with that. You get the expertise when you need it, you pay for it when you need it, and you leverage it when you need it.

The next piece is this, for any of the current people listening, and even for IT people, the cost savings are significant. It's greater than 50% if you really kind of get into it and push through it. It's a big cost savings.

On the contract flexibility, if you aren't sure, you can try it with a couple different ones. Find one that works for you, your style, how they manage your ticket system or whatever. Use that flexibility. Customize your support, bank the savings, and use contract flexibility.

From my point of view, all the CFOs that I've met and work with love counting the money. They get that savings, they're super happy, you get a high five, but from an IT professional, we have to support that network long after the CFO's euphoria from the savings has gone away. I'm as impressed by the support model that the third-party maintenance teams provide as I am on the significant cost savings.

I'll just leave you with this. Be bold. It may feel like it's dangerous, but it's really exhilarating. It's going to be really cool when you're having a better support engagement and you're saving a ton of money and you have more of your time to grow the business versus run the business.