The flexible third-party maintenance (TPM) offering to meet your needs

With our RapidCare® third-party maintenance (TPM) program, you get next-business-day advance replacement for your technology and the customized support options you need. It's simply one of the most cost-effective, reliable options to guarantee your hardware is protected and up and running in a flash.

If speed and reliability alone aren't enough, RapidCare can also help you save money.

Using RapidCare can cost as much as 50-60% less than OEM-sponsored maintenance programs. This makes it the smart financial choice as well – and the perfect addition to your hybrid support solution. It's another way CXtec provides Technology @ Your Pace®, long after equipment arrives at your doorstep.

Using TPM to your advantage

If you haven’t considered using third-party maintenance, the time is now. There are tons of benefits for you and RapidCare is the solution that saves you money and makes your life easy.

We call it RapidCare® because it’s the fastest, easiest way to get the support you need.

With RapidCare from CXtec you get:

  • Guaranteed next-business-day advance hardware replacement
  • Pricing up to 50-60% less than OEM support offerings
  • Free shipping on both inbound and outbound product

Learn more about RapidCare by downloading our info sheet here.

Added support, more service

It gets even better – RapidCare Plus™ provides full technology solution support services:

  • Recommendations for customized implementation of hybrid services
  • Customized, flexible support and individualized attention
  • Remediation to root causes of problems
  • Accelerated mean time to issue fixes

RapidCare Plus uses the following considerations and your risk tolerance to design a custom hybrid service offering – blending spares, software support, ticket management and OEM maintenance.

  1. Impact of Failure - Business risk and the number of users impacted
  2. Security Exposure (Internal and External) - What is the frequency and availability of the updates?
  3. Level of Integration - Is this a stand-alone solution or part of something more complex?
  4. Reliability of the Hardware - Taking into account failure rates and availability of replacements
  5. Density - Volume and diverseness of the hardware needing support
  6. Software Stability and Availability - Can you get it for free or pay as you need?

Learn more about third-party maintenance and the value of hybrid support in our helpful podcast - just click here.

Why CXtec and RapidCare?

As a third-party maintenance provider, CXtec makes sure that you’re given top priority and the fastest turn-around times when you use our third-party application maintenance services.

You simply won’t find a more reliable third-party maintenance provider than CXtec. We offer third-party IT maintenance, third-party server maintenance and third-party data center maintenance solutions.

Let us help you realize the right combination of OEM support and third-party maintenance. Right-size your support solutions with CXtec and RapidCare.

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