CXtec® celebrates 15th anniversary of equal2new®

  • Jan 26, 2010

Certified pre-owned equal2new equipment helps reduce cost of networking infrastructure

SYRACUSE, N.Y. - CXtec®, a global provider of networking and voice equipment, is celebrating the 15th anniversary of its equal2new® brand of certified pre-owned networking equipment. CXtec has offered its own brand of certified pre-owned refurbished networking equipment longer than any other organization in the secondary market. The equal2new brand covers legacy products as well as current generation equipment.

As the sole provider of equal2new, CXtec is able to help its customers reduce the cost of their networking, voice and storage infrastructure by offering cost-efficient equipment that is reconditioned and tested to meet or exceed factory specifications. Equal2new is backed by a 99.51 percent out-of-the-box reliability rating and comes with an industry-leading warranty for product repair/replacement, customer service and technical support. All hardware sold by CXtec is also eligible for RapidCare™ - the company's next business day advance hardware replacement.

"If a customer has a set budget to spend on IT, our goal at CXtec is to help that customer find ways to save money on their core data and voice network in order to have more funding available for advanced technologies or reinvestment in their business," said Frank Kobuszewski, vice president of CXtec's Technology Solutions Group. "In many cases, customers are able to purchase equal2new equipment that complements their existing infrastructure and put the savings toward training, laptops, wireless, security and unified communications."

Before receiving equal2new certification, equipment undergoes a rigorous 10-step process at CXtec's state-of-the-art, 70,000-square-foot Technology Certification and Distribution Center (TCDC) in Syracuse, N.Y. The process includes thorough diagnostic inspection, refurbishing, testing and shipping in an ESD-protected, dust-free environment. Once the equipment has passed stringent testing steps, it is reconditioned, cleaned and repainted, as needed. Foam-in-Place packaging technology is used to create a custom cushion that starts as a liquid foam then hardens into a solid, soft foam around the equipment to ensure the hardware arrives safely.

In 1978, more than 15 years before equal2new was launched by CXtec, entrepreneur William G. Pomeroy saw an opportunity to provide parts support to the United States Air Force when IBM decided to stop providing replacement parts to its older transistor-based mainframes built in the 1960s. The Air Force was using the parts to help operate over-the-horizon radar at its Ballistic Missile Early Warning System sites. Pomeroy soon founded CABLExpress Corp., known today as CXtec, and built the business by providing customers with solutions they could not find elsewhere.

When equal2new was officially launched in 1995, the main offerings were 16/4 Token Ring and 10 mbps Ethernet products. Today, equal2new equipment includes data networking, voice/telephony and telephone systems originally manufactured by Cisco, Nortel, 3Com, HP, Avaya, APC, Mitel and more.

CXtec is able to fill a void for companies that have end-of-life or end-of-sale products already installed in their infrastructure and have a need for spares or expansion after a product is discontinued.

"When manufacturers discontinue products or release upgrades, not all companies need or can afford to transition to the latest technology," said Kobuszewski. "CXtec helps customers upgrade their infrastructure at a speed that makes sense for their business. For example, a customer was going through a deployment of switches and midway through the deployment, the manufacturer released an upgrade. Rather than paying for the technical training that would be required to operate the new switches, the customer was able to use equal2new to maintain and expand their current technology, allowing them to leapfrog an entire generation of switches and save several hundred thousand dollars."

To help source its line of equal2new equipment and help customers maximize budgets, CXtec offers an asset recovery and buy-back program where customers can get cash, credit or trade for a variety of used networking and voice equipment.

About CXtec
For more than three decades, CXtec has provided new and pre-owned networking, voice and cabling and data center technologies, and helped customers reduce the cost of their networking infrastructure and technology equipment. CXtec offers cash, credit or trade for used hardware and its equal2new® hardware is backed by an industry-leading warranty. As an ISO-certified company, CXtec is committed to maximizing value for its customers through needs-based, customized solutions.

2009 marks the eighth consecutive year CXtec has been ranked in the VARBusiness list of North America's Top 500 Technology Integrators. The company's World Headquarters is in North Syracuse, N.Y., and its Technology Certification and Distribution Center in Syracuse, N.Y. For more information about CXtec, please visit, or call 800-767-3282.