A unique company, a unique culture

CXtec is a unique company, and we believe our people help make a difference both at work and in the community. We celebrate a culture that’s not quite like any other.

We’re a driven and goal-oriented organization that also believes work should be fun. We start every week with a company-wide cheer to celebrate employees’ successes and review goals. Our dress code is casual – we prefer cargo shorts and flip-flops to a suit and tie any day. We support a “work hard, play hard” atmosphere, and you’ll find out just how that sets us apart every time you interact with us.

Check out what’s different about CXtec:

  • Café – eating area on-site with vending machines, free snacks and refrigerators to store last night’s leftovers for lunch
  • Wellness initiatives – on-site gym, nutritional and fitness classes from certified professionals, contests promoting healthy living and more
  • Picnic area and walking trails – outdoor space to enjoy breaks and lunch when the weather is warm
  • Make the workday a little more fun with parking lot picnics and food truck Thursdays in the summer months
  • Stations throughout the facilities with free snacks
  • Peer-to-peer recognition program – allows employees and managers from any department to recognize and reward coworkers for going above and beyond

Our unique culture inspires us to focus on the bigger picture - providing an unmatched level of knowledge, professionalism and customer care to provide complete IT life cycle management.

Commitment to Our Community

Our community involvement is at the heart of the corporate culture at CXtec. Our employees are the driving force behind the community partners we work with. Not only do they contribute thousands of dollars to these worthy organizations every year, but CXtec employees have also volunteered thousands of hours of personal time to dozens of nonprofit partners.

Learn more about our community support here.

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