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Mfr. Part Number OC-3129 8435
CXtec Part Number 30564
LIFETIME Warranty!


Token-Ring MCA 16/4 Adapter OC-3129 is the only Token-Ring adapter on the market designed for Micro Channel Architecture bus computers, the MCA adapter features Olicom's PowerMACH driver technology to improve the performance of MCA clients and servers.

Check out the following fetures Token-Ring MCA 16/4 Adapter OC-3129 offers you. Superior data transfer rate between PC memory and Token-Ring network. Data transfer using Micro Channel bus master mode 32-bit memory addressing. High-performance PowerMACH drivers for Novell NetWare, Microsoft and IBM network environments. Easy to install from all major network operating systems or using the Olicom installation utility. Completely software configurable. Software-selectable 16 Mbps or 4 Mbps network speed. Integrated support for STP and UTP cabling with on-board media filter. Auto-sensing of media type. Includes Adapter Information for Windows (AIW), a configuration and performance-reporting utility. Complies with IEEE 802.5 and IEEE 802.2 standards. Supports DMI. SNMP agent available. Flash Remote Program Load available for Novell NetWare, Microsoft LAN Manager and IBM LANs. High-performance drivers available for UNIX systems.

  • Manufacturer: OLICOM (See more products from OLICOM)
  • Mfr. Part #: OC-3129 8435
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