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Mfr. Part Number DSRVG-MA
CXtec Part Number 11494
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The DECserver 90L+ is a feature-enhanced LAT terminal server for 802.3/ Ethernet local area networks. Like other modules in Digital's DEChub Family, it can be used interchangeably in standalone and hub-based configurations to accommodate both small workgroups and large departments. Its high throughput delivers optimal line speed capabilities for eight interactive terminals, serial printers, and PCs (in terminal emulation mode).

The DECserver 90L+ can connect to up to four different services per port. It provides both dedicated and preferred services. The dedicated service feature allows a port to be connected to only that service name specified by the system manager. The preferred service feature allows a user to predefine a frequently used service and, thereafter, to connect to that service without specifying its name.

The DECserver 90L+ also offers basic session management and security features. For example, if a terminal is powered off while sessions are still active, the terminal server will disconnect the session on the host, preventing other users from accessing another individual's session. If a printer is powered off, the DECserver 90L+ can notify and stop the print queue on the host system, preventing print jobs from being lost. Also included are diagnostic and management features, including the ability to examine and modify the server and port parameters.

  • Manufacturer: DIGITAL NETWORKS (See more products from DIGITAL NETWORKS)
  • Mfr. Part #: DSRVG-MA
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