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Mfr. Part Number 99-00371-00
CXtec Part Number 13859
LIFETIME Warranty!


The Plug-and-Play Fast Ethernet Hubs are high-speed, 100Base-TX hubs that provide a simple and risk-free introduction to Fast Ethernet performance at an affordable price. Ideal for pre-press, graphic design and multimedia applications, or even in support of your network's server farm, the Plug-and-Play Fast Ethernet Hubs provide 10 times the performance of existing 10Base-T Ethernet networks.

Installation is a snap with the Plug-and-Play Fast Ethernet Hubs. Running on your existing Category 5 Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) wire, the hubs share the same frame format and media access control mechanisms as 10Base-T Ethernet, so the migration to Fast Ethernet requires minimal additional training. With no switches, jumpers or installation software required, your Fast Ethernet network is ready in minutes.

The Plug-and-Play Fast Ethernet Hubs are platform independent. All of your 100Base-TX PC, Macintosh and workstation computers are easily connected with the hubs for increased productivity. Asanté even offers the 10/100 Fast Ethernet adapters you'll need for connecting your PC and Macintosh computers.

For smooth integration, Asanté also offers a 10/100 bridge and switch for instantly connecting your Fast Ethernet workgroup or server farm to your 10 Mbps network. These broad product offerings make the Plug-and-Play Fast Ethernet Hubs the preferred choice for your introduction to 100Base-T Fast Ethernet networking.

  • Manufacturer: ASANTE (See more products from ASANTE)
  • Mfr. Part #: 99-00371-00
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