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Mfr. Part Number 1200065L1
CXtec Part Number 220165
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The Drop and Insert (D&I) Module provides a secondary T1 (1.544 Mbps) interface to telco or to private T1 facilities. By adding the D&I Module to a TSU Multiplexer, the user has the capability to support two independent T1s for data, voice, or video, eliminating the need for a second multiplexer. The module provides the capability to selectively insert and extract channels between the primary T1 interface on the TSU Multiplexer and the secondary T1 interface on the module. This allows for the connectivity of two remote sites through a central site. The module operates with either AMI/B8ZS coding or D4/ESF framing.

For easy configuration, the D&I Module options are programmed using the front panel, a VT 100 terminal interface or the optional Windows-based T-Watch PRO software. The module can be configured remotely via the FDL (ESF circuits only) when attached to a local TSU multiplexer using T-Watch PRO. The TSU, TSU LT, TSU ESP, TSU 100, TSU 120, TSU 600 and TDU 120e are intelligent, full-featured T1 DSU/CSUs, designed to interface customer DTE to T1 or Fractional T1 services. These devices can be used to terminate the far end of the D&I T1 circuit. The Drop & Insert Module is one of many application-specific modules available for the TSU Multiplexer. The ability to combine different expansion modules with plug-on units provides a variety of interface port combinations for voice, data, dial backup and video applications.

  • Manufacturer: ADTRAN (See more products from ADTRAN)
  • Mfr. Part #: 1200065L1
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