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Mfr. Part Number DS1404090
CXtec Part Number 223195
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The Passport 8691SF Module provides the core switching fabric for the Passport 8600 Switch, as well as a CPU subsystem and a real-time clock. The core switching fabric switches all traffic through the routing switch modules. The CPU subsystem manages the routing switch fabric and the other I/O modules.

The Passport 8691SF Module consists of a printed circuit board with status LEDs, a management port, a DCE/DTE switch for the console port, a console port, a modem port, a reset button, and a PCMCIA card slot.

The routing switch fabric uses 10 MB of shared, high-speed memory. This memory buffers traffic destined for I/O modules. The switch logic allocates memory to the various switch priority queues according to traffic usage and current switch configuration.

To enable redundant operation, install a Passport 8691SF Module in both slots 5 and 6 of the chassis. The redundant module in slot 6 can then assume the processing duties of a failing primary Passport 8691SF Module in slot 5. When the Passport 8691SF Module in slot 6 completes initialization, it relearns the routing and VLAN bridging information for the switch.

The two Passport 8691SF Modules share switch fabric functions for the switch. If one Passport 8691SF Module fails, the system reverts to operation with a single Passport 8691SF Module.

This product includes Passport 8691SF Routing Switch Module, 64MB PCMCIA flash memory card and 256MB motherboard DRAM.

  • Manufacturer: NORTEL (See more products from NORTEL)
  • Mfr. Part #: DS1404090
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