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Mfr. Part Number 2702B-C
CXtec Part Number 11489
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The Model 2702B-C concentrator features passive Token Ring lobe ports that provide reliable 4 Mb/s operation over STP cabling and Categories 3, 4, and 5 UTP cabling. This concentrator also provides 16 Mb/s operation over STP cabling and Categories 4 and 5 UTP cabling.

27x2B product set incorporates automatic frequency error-detection circuitry on each lobe port for increased reliability and predictability in Token Ring networks. Should a station attempt to insert into the Token Ring at a data rate that is different from the ring speed set on the Model 27xxB, the frequency detection circuitry will automatically wrap the faulty node before it is allowed to insert into the ring. This prevents 16 Mb/s devices from being inserted into a network operating at 4 Mb/s and vice versa, thereby preserving the integrity of the ring with no network disruption. Devices attempting to insert into a Token Ring at the wrong speed are the most common cause of beaconing, or alarm, conditions on a ring. If persistent, a beaconing condition can result in lost Logical Unit sessions between devices and ultimately cause a complete ring collapse in an IBM/SNA Token Ring environment. The Model 27xxB concentrators prevent the cause of beaconing conditions due to wrong speed devices and, when coupled with SynOptics Automatic Beaconing Resolution agent software of the Model 27xxB, can help keep a network virtually beacon-free.

The Model 27xxB Token Ring Concentrators feature expansion ports that allow you to cluster up to four Model 2702B-C concentrators with one Model 2712B. The cluster configuration extends full SNMP management capabilities to the stations connected to the Model 270xB concentrators. Such a Model 270xB cluster can support up to 80 nodes. The Model 2702B-C provides the cluster ability and does not provide an RI/RO trunk connection. This concentrator provides a cost-effective host expansion unit for the Model 27x2B family cluster of Token Ring concentrators.

  • Manufacturer: NORTEL (See more products from NORTEL)
  • Mfr. Part #: 2702B-C
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