Staging & Configuration

Get installation-ready equipment

Save the investment in time and resources with staging and configuration services

When it comes to your technology and how it needs to function – you know best. CXtec understands the importance of getting your technology projects up and running smoothly.

That’s why we prepare your devices in a controlled environment so they’re ready to install upon arrival. Save yourself the investment in time and resources with CXtec’s easy and reliable staging and configuration services.

Here’s how CXtec staging & configuration services can help

  • Perform system code installations/upgrades
  • Power-on assembled product to test hardware/module functionality and software recognition
  • Leave power applied for minimum of 8 hours to eliminate marginal hardware
  • Engineers aid in designing configuration to accomplish the functionality you need
  • Load your configuration into equipment, then save it to product specific configuration memory
  • Configuration is installed and tested by engineers using lab equipment as network simulators (frame relay, T-1s, firewalls, routers and switches)
  • Engineers work with you and your staff to identify addressing, protocols, site locations, formats, and special applications


Even before installation, our expert engineers are working to make things easier for you. We’ll provide you with equipment that meets all your specifications and is ready to install the moment it arrives.

Learn more about our services in this information sheet.


Benefits of staging and configuration

  • Save time
  • Minimize risk
  • Let your team to focus on high priority tasks and projects

One of the big goals of IT services is freeing you up from certain tasks to allow you to focus on higher priorities and business-driving initiatives.  With CXtec’s staging and configuration services you can ensure your hardware is ready to be installed in your network.

Get your installs and projects up and running smoothly and save yourself valuable time and resources.


Minimize risk, ensure a problem-free rollout and focus your team on business-critical tasks. Just pull it out of the box, plug it in, and go.

How CXtec makes staging and configuration simple and affordable.

When you work with CXtec, the money you save on the cost of our industry-leading hardware will afford you the ability to add staging and configuration services. Some may be hesitant to spend a little more for these services.
However, when you are saving 40% to 90% off list prices on your network hardware, it makes your life a whole lot easier to add the staging and configuration.
Now you are getting top quality hardware and services while saving both time and money.