Storage Maintenance

CXtec delivers a great storage maintenance experience designed to get full life cycle value out of your mature and stable storage arrays that are doing just fine and don’t need to be refreshed.

Let us take your eligible storage arrays under RapidCare so you can invest budget dollars in areas that impact your business and not your storage manufacturer’s.

Support for storage arrays (old and N-1)

The biggest frustration for storage operators is the ridiculously fast life cycle and ever-increasing maintenance prices associated with buying and using storage infrastructure these days.

As soon as you get your carefully selected storage platform settled and tuned just the way you want it, the OEM comes to you with new features designed to entice you to the next-gen of the platform.

The savviest operators are using CXtec's RapidCare® service!

  • Stop the short life cycle madness and the unrelenting pressure to upgrade barely broken in storage arrays...
  • Get highly capable storage break-fix engineering support and the highest-quality replacement parts in the business...

We can keep your storage investments operating smoothly for far longer than your OEM “partner” wants you to.

  • Have no compelling business reason to upgrade the array?
  • Just using it as a backup target and want to keep it for another three years?
  • Dealing with a business owner who doesn’t want the pain and expense of migrating terabytes of data off of their “old” storage platform and just wants to keep running it where it is?

Those are all typical problems that RapidCare helps storage infrastructure operators solve!

RapidCare gives you what you need in server hardware break-fix coverage: high-quality replacement parts, great technical support, and quick-to-field dispatch.

Make your storage hardware support experience easier with CXtec.


FRU-for-FRU exact hard drive replacement from our deep inventory of replacement hard drives (and other parts as well)

Expert advice

Expert backline advice from storage technical support experts who have encyclopedic knowledge of best break/fix practices, from simple tasks like routine failed drive replacement to complex tasks like service processor or controller replacement.

Software troubleshooting

Integrated software break-fix troubleshooting expertise to identify problems where it isn’t clear where the issue lies

Service done right

Processor rigor in-service delivery to get the break-fix service done right but not at the expense of speed for routine service needs (simple triage process, efficient checklists and quick-to-field dispatch)

Well-trained field technicians

Well-trained field technicians who are skilled at break-fix hardware remediation, from the routine drive swap-out to the complex service processor or controller replacement

RapidCare Storage Array Maintenance

The service levels that are ideal for all your needs

You know you'll be back up and running quickly.

Pricing up to 50-60% less than OEM support offerings

This makes it the smart financial choice as well!

Free shipping on both inbound and outbound product

Added convenience, service, and savings.


RapidCare Service Levels



  • Remote Collaborative Break/Fix Expert Technical Support 8AM-5PM (M-F)
  • High-Quality Tested Next Business Day Advance Replacement Parts
  • Next Business Day Onsite Field Tech



  • Remote Collaborative Break/Fix Expert Technical Support 365 Days a Year Around the Clock
  • High-Quality Tested Next Business Day Advance Replacement Parts
  • Next Business Day Onsite Field Tech



  • Remote Collaborative Break/Fix Expert Technical Support 365 Days a Year Around the Clock
  • High-Quality Tested Advance Replacement Parts
  • 4-Hour Onsite Field Tech and/or 4-Hour Advance Replacement Parts*

We call it RapidCare because it's the fastest, easiest way to get the customized support you need.

Learn more about RapidCare in this information sheet

More than just great hardware support

We know that a storage array isn’t just a bunch of hardware that needs replacement now and then. We know you need access to top-notch backline storage engineers who know the ins-and-outs of the code running on these arrays.

That’s why we also include basic software technical support in RapidCare for storage arrays.

We can help with software error code lookups and consults to determine what is going on and troubleshoot to find the root of the problem. It will not be a software maintenance entitlement, but almost all of the devices eligible for RapidCare are at mature and stable production code levels that shouldn’t be a concern (and if they are we’ll tell you to keep them on OEM support).

And for a lot of RapidCare eligible devices, there are no more OEM published code updates coming.

We can help you sort through the OEM confusion and obfuscation to give you good advice on what arrays we can maintain for you with minimal risk, factoring in your business needs and risk tolerance.

Avoid shocking and unexpected price increases

RapidCare is reliably and predictably priced and has no mechanism to suddenly invoke a shocking price increase to force your hand into an unnecessary storage refresh.

We charge a fair price based on our cost of providing you our support.

There is no financial manipulation with us where last year’s invoice jumps up three times in cost with a false claim that support prices have gone up.

We manage our supply chain with great care to keep quality high and pricing low, so you can count on us to give you great return for your spend with us year-over-year.

Check out how RapidCare stacks up to OEM support:

RapidCare vs OEM Hardware Maintenance

When you look at it in this light, you realize you're not really getting all that more from OEM support than you can get from RapidCare.

So why pay such a premium price for so few additional services?

Storage array maintenance experts here to help 

We know what your business requires when it comes to maintaining your storage arrays and RapidCare is focused on that.

Storage operators want experienced and capable backline technical support, quick and efficient service for failed drive (or other part) replacement that follows best practice service protocols, and high-quality replacement drives or parts.

That sums up what RapidCare for storage arrays is. Great tech support, fast and easy-to-use break-fix, and peace of mind at a great price.

Why bother with complicated, expensive, and slow OEM support that makes you prove your worthiness for service by enduring long, checklist-driven triage activity with low-level resources who don’t know what they're doing?

Start using RapidCare today to get what you need in a storage array hardware maintenance service (and save money while you're at it)!


Global Capabilities – Enhanced Flexibility

Fortune 10 Oil and Gas Company


This oil and gas company has a global footprint and a wide-ranging technological platform. They need a partner who can be flexible and has the ability to handle several responsibilities.With such an expansive technology portfolio, they require multiple SLAs. In addition, some of their technology is on oil rigs in remote locations and at sea.


CXtec provides the service levels they require with RapidCare, and we aggregate multiple solutions into one, covering technology in disparate locations on three continents. All their server and storage hardware is covered, multiple SLAs are taken into account, and we also coordinate a unique, custom solution for them as well.

For the remote technology on oil rigs, we provide on-site, hot swappable spares to ensure coverage. And we’ve also set up an agreement for a courier service to handle any other replacements for those locations as the need may arise.


This organization now gets customized service from a dedicated partner and, according to their own calculations, now save $1.8M yearly on their hardware support investments.

*4-hour advance replacement not available on all products or in all geographic areas, inquire for more details.