Storage Maintenance

CXtec provides storage maintenance solutions with your needs in mind.

Get flexible, easy-to-use support for your storage hardware.

The ideal support plan for your storage equipment

Your organization is unique - that may seem obvious.

But if so, then why is conventional maintenance and support essentially a one-size-fits-all product? You have unique needs, and a unique infrastructure. You deserve to have a support plan that works for you.

That’s why we believe in empowering you with maintenance options beyond the standard OEM support path.

We offer a flexible storage maintenance solution that provides you with options - empowering you to manage your IT hardware life cycle better.

Here’s what our storage maintenance solutions can do for you:

  • Optimal storage hardware support
  • Right-sized customizable support strategies
  • Reduce costs by up to 60%
  • Freedom to extend product life cycles
  • Flexible, consolidated contracts

Make your storage hardware support experience easier with CXtec.

RapidCare® - The Smart Storage Maintenance Option

With CXtec, you get the industry's best third-party maintenance (TPM) program.

Our RapidCare® TPM offering provides the flexibility and cost-savings you need to support your storage hardware at a price that doesn't break the bank.

RapidCare Hardware Maintenance

The service levels that are ideal for all your needs

You know you'll be back up and running quickly.

Pricing up to 50-60% less than OEM support offerings

This makes it the smart financial choice as well!

Free shipping on both inbound and outbound product

Added convenience, service, and savings.


RapidCare Support Levels


  • Tech Support 8AM-5PM (M-F)
  • NBD On-Site Service


  • Tech Support 8AM-5PM (M-F)
  • 4-Hour Response Time


  • Tech Support 24 Hours x 7 Days
  • 4-Hour Response Time

We call it RapidCare because it's the fastest, easiest way to get the customized support you need.


Learn more about RapidCare in this information sheet

Check out how RapidCare stacks up to OEM support:

RapidCare vs OEM Hardware Maintenance

When you look at it in this light, you realize you're not really getting all that more from OEM support than you can get from RapidCare.

So why pay such a premium price for so few additional services?

Our Storage Capabilities 

Looking to boost your storage efficiency without going over budget? We have the solutions to achieve both while simplifying your project from evaluation to the final delivery.

  • SAN, NAS and tape systems design and configuration
  • Hyper-converged infrastructure solutions
  • Solutions for back-up, recovery, deduplication, replication and compression
  • Virtualization, encryption and load balancing services
  • Evaluation, installation and de-installation
  • Same-day shipping available
  • Equipment rental and leasing
  • RapidCare® third-party maintenance on all product lines
  • Find new and refurbished server solutions

Global Capabilities – Enhanced Flexibility

Fortune 10 Oil and Gas Company


This oil and gas company has a global footprint and a wide-ranging technological platform. They need a partner who can be flexible and has the ability to handle several responsibilities.With such an expansive technology portfolio, they require multiple SLAs. In addition, some of their technology is on oil rigs in remote locations and at sea.


CXtec provides the service levels they require with RapidCare, and we aggregate multiple solutions into one, covering technology in disparate locations on three continents. All their server and storage hardware is covered, multiple SLAs are taken into account, and we also coordinate a unique, custom solution for them as well.

For the remote technology on oil rigs, we provide on-site, hot swappable spares to ensure coverage. And we’ve also set up an agreement for a courier service to handle any other replacements for those locations as the need may arise.


This organization now gets customized service from a dedicated partner and, according to their own calculations, now save $1.8M yearly on their hardware support investments.