Full Control of Your IT Hardware Support
Build the ideal support solution for your needs


Take control of your support and save budget money

What if you could improve your approach to maintenance services even more?

What if you could have a more right-sized, custom-built solution that will allow you to save even more money?

It is possible to be in full control of your support investment.

Hybrid support solutions allow you to use a mix of OEM support, third-party maintenance (TPM) and a spares program in order to get the ideal structure for your needs.

Right-size your IT hardware support investment.

And save budget money while doing it!

CXtec understands how you can use hybrid support to Redefine IT Strategy™. It's a key element in the complete IT life cycle management we provide.

Find out how much you can get out of your support.

How a hybrid support solution can work for you. Read the guide...

Optimize Your Maintenance with Custom Hybrid Maintenance Solution

You don’t have to be forced into a timeline that’s not suited for your organization’s needs. You can have the freedom and flexibility of a hybrid maintenance plan with CXtec.

Save budget money up to 50-60%

Rely on strong third-party maintenance (TPM) offerings

Select a spares program to provide coverage

Use a blend of TPM, a spares program, and OEM support in the areas where each makes the most sense.

A hybrid support solution puts you in control and can help you save a lot of budget money. It’s another way to take control of your infrastructure and get complete IT life cycle management.

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With CXtec's RapidCare® third-party maintenance program you get the flexible, customized support offerings you need.

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Advantages of RapidCare®

Prices up to 50-60% less than OEM maintenance offerings, RapidCare provides a wide variety of advantages for your organization.

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The Hybrid Support Approach

It’s Time to Redefine Your Maintenance Strategy

What is the purpose of maintenance services for your network’s infrastructure?

The goal for most is to get the maximum support and protection they can get for their infrastructure at the right cost that fits their budget.

But what if you could get more from your maintenance services?

You can get all of that with CXtec’s maintenance services.

Traditional maintenance services tend to be built as a one-size-fits-all solution created according to manufacturer timelines. There are a couple problems with this.

Your organization isn’t like all the others, and your timeline can differ greatly from the manufacturer timeline.

The Problem with Conventional OEM Centered Maintenance Solutions

What if your infrastructure life cycle strategy is different from these manufacturer timelines?

The conventional OEM-centered approach to maintenance causes you to have a less than optimal life cycle management. This approach saddles you with paying for maintenance contracts that don’t fit.

You wind up paying for maintenance you don’t need. It can even cause you to buy / upgrade your infrastructure before you think it’s necessary. Not good.

You can get robust support from the OEM with countless options, but you might be paying a premium price for features you don't really use or need – especially if the infrastructure you’re supporting is end-of-life/end-of-sale.

There has to be a better way. At what point does an OEM maintenance program reach its point of diminishing returns?

Save Money with a Hybrid Support Solution

With such financial strain on budgets, many organizations are opting out of support contracts.

This can be a risky choice, especially when there are alternative solutions available.

We understand that your job is evaluated largely on your ability to do two things well: minimize downtime and keep costs low.

Knowing your options is key when it comes to saving money. It’s all about finding the right balance for your business needs, and there are many reliable alternative solutions that will save operating expense (OPEX) budget to acquire the support you need.

Why not use a hybrid support solution of OEM support and third-party maintenance to get the coverage you need?

You could put OEM support on your core switches and use TPM on the edge. The options are limitless – and so are the savings.

Our white paper, The Value of a Hybrid Support Strategy, details everything you need to know about saving money with a mix of TPM, OEM support, and spares.

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The perfect third-party maintenance program for your hybrid solution

A hybrid solution relies on a solid TPM program to make it worthwhile. CXtec has the answer.

Our RapidCare® maintenance offering provides next-business-day infrastructure replacement and a suite of customized services to meet your unique needs.

Check out all of the advantages of our RapidCare maintenance program and see how a hybrid solution will allow you to get the support your business and budget needs.

Find out even more about RapidCare by downloading our info sheet here.

Learn more about TPM in our webinar!

Spares Programs and the Secondary Market

There are a number of benefits the secondary market can bring to your organization.

Many organizations have turned to hybrid support to build a solution around their specific network requirements and get the data center maintenance they can rely on. We offer our RapidCare maintenance program at up to 50% less than OEM maintenance programs to keep your costs down and protect you in the event of unplanned equipment failure.

Implementing a hybrid maintenance program to protect your infrastructure is a wise decision.

In the event you need a quick and reliable backup plan for your mission-critical infrastructure, CXtec can provide you with the unique opportunity to implement a program to acquire hot, swappable spares at your disposal - without the high costs.

What’s our secret? With our equal2new® certified pre-owned infrastructure you get top quality refurbished equipment at a fraction of the cost.

The secondary market provides value that’s unbeatable.

Our testing process on every piece of equal2new equipment ensures that you receive top quality with a true lifetime warranty and a reliability rating of 99.51%.

To read about real-world examples of how a spares program and hybrid support can work, click here.

Learn the definition of third-party maintenance in our informative article here.