Professional installation services and engineer expertise

Get your next IT project off the ground as efficiently as possible

Now that you have your IT hardware, how much will it cost you in terms of time, resources, and budget to get it installed? Better yet, how do you want your expert IT professionals spending their time? These are questions that we all should ask. 
How do you allocate time and resources to maximize your team’s value to the organization?  You can get your highly trained IT pros focused on high value tasks and projects when you invest in quality services. That’s why CXtec offers installation as a part of our service offering.

Advantages of CXtec’s Installation Services

  • Focus internal technical resources on your core business and maximize your return on investment (ROI).
  • Work with engineers who are well-versed in multiple manufacturer offerings and technologies.
  • Schedule multi-site deployments at the same time to shorten project windows and increase ROI.
  • Get cost savings benefits by using the CXtec team for one-time deployments, rather than investing in costly training for internal resources.
Our services are designed to provide multiple levels of engineer support with 24/7 deployment offerings to ensure a seamless roll out, no matter the size of the project.
Let us help you get your next IT project off the ground as efficiently as possible, with minimal disruption to your core business processes.


Learn more about our services in this information sheet.

Hardware performance and reliability is our specialty.

CXtec’s track record of providing performance and reliability to customers has been a huge part of our over 40 years of success. For example, our industry leading brand of pre-owned IT hardware has a reliability rating equal to or better than new at a fraction of the cost of new hardware. 

Our focus on reliability and performance extends to our installation services. 

Plus, when you work with CXtec and use our equal2new hardware, you are saving 40% to 90% off list prices. This extra money leaves you free to purchase some of the time saving services like installation or configuration.


CXtec can help facilitate the success of your project by leveraging our engineering team’s expertise in design and installation to save your in-house IT team valuable time and money.