Why equal2new? IT Equipment & Network Hardware...The Wise Way.

Every equal2new device comes with a lifetime warranty with advance replacement, is priced 40-90% off list, and is backed by a 99.51% reliability rating.

Why equal2new? Because we know what you're up against, and we have the solution...

In the information technology and business world, the equipment your network and your organization rely on are vital. There are increasing demands on IT teams to do more with less. In addition,  IT is now called on to use information systems to contribute in driving revenue, growth, and user experience for internal and external customers.  With so much on the plate of information technology, you want IT equipment you can rely on for top performance and reliability - servers, storage hardware, switches, routers, security devices, wireless networking hardware, IP phones, and more.  Plus, it's up to IT to manage all these hardware assets throughout their lifecycle. So, you want to be able to manage your hardware based on your specific business needs. With CXtec's equal2new® brand of IT equipment, you get both. With equal2new, you are in the driver's seat, not the OEM. 

(1) What does CXtec's equal2new brand of server, storage, networking, and voice hardware do for you?

• It delivers quality and peace of mind
• It means more money leftover in your budget.
• And it keeps technology at YOUR pace.

Let's face it, OEMs are know for pushing people to the next version and latest upgrades, largely based on their timeline not yours.

Reduce your reliance on OEMs

Since 1995, thousands of organizations – from Fortune 500s to SMBs – have trusted equal2new, including healthcare, education, financial, and government enterprises, and many more.

And they’ve saved millions and millions of dollars doing it.


(2) Why do so many people trust equal2new?

It comes standard with a lifetime warranty with advance replacement as long as you own your product.

It’s priced 40 to 90 percent less than list price

And it’s backed by a 99.51 percent reliability rating because we put every unit through the industry’s most stringent testing process to ensure it works.

Once you see our testing and certification process, you’ll know you can take advantage of all the benefits equal2new offers and be confident in its quality.

And the great thing about equal2new is that every organization can use it based on their unique needs.

Keep technology at your pace and upgrade only when it makes sense for you

(3) So what does equal2new mean to you?

• equal2new is extending your budget and the life of your technology investment.
• equal2new is the opportunity to spend the money you save on the things your organization needs to succeed.
• equal2new is our promise to you and your team that we can make your jobs easier.

And equal2new is exactly what it says it is – technology that’s equal to, or better than, new.

Top Brands:
Cisco, DELL, HP, Avaya, IBM, Mitel, ShoreTel, Poly, 3Com, NetApp, and more.