Cisco Wireless IP Phones: 7925 vs. 8821 | Part 5 | Setup, Interface, Headsets, & Durability

In this episode of TecTips, we compare the Cisco 7925 and 8821 IP phones. Today we're discussing how each model performs right out the box, what headsets are compatible with each model, and the validity of Cisco's durability claims.

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Becky: I remember you saying something too about the setting up of the 7925s was maybe more cumbersome than the 8821.

David: Yeah, with the 8821 all the features are unlocked and what Cisco does really well, and this isn't just what their wireless phones, this is across all their platforms, is that they try and keep the GUI or the interface the same between I'll call families of phones. For example, this is the 8800 series. If you were to use the 8851, which is the desk phone, the menu and everything looks exactly the same, and it's all unlocked.

David: Versus on the 7925, and then 7900 series phones, you had to go through and unlock some of the settings to be able to set up the configuration for the wireless network and the wireless SSID, versus everything being unlocked on the 80-

Becky: Just basically extra steps?

David: Yeah, exactly. Just a little bit easier. And even down to the ringtones, the ringtones on the desk phones carry over to the wireless phones, both on the 79 and the 8800 series.

Becky: Oh. Great. Now, even though these are wireless phones, I think sometimes people want to use a headset still.

David: Yep.

Becky: Are you able to do that with these type of phones?

David: Yeah, absolutely. Both models allow for the wired headset in. If you have the maintenance crew or the nurses that already have the 3.5 millimeter wired headset, those still work on both of these model phones. With the 8821, they did introduce the Bluetooth. 7925 did have the Bluetooth as well. It was a lower standard on the Bluetooth versus the newer phone being coming out later and the Bluetooth standards. But Bluetooth phones, Bluetooth headsets can be used with both of these models and the wired headsets as well.

Becky: Oh, okay. There's some options there.

David: Yeah, and they also have speakerphone built in too. All, both phones, you can do speakerphone from. And then also with the base station on the 8821 and the base station on the 7925, it has a speaker built in as well. If you did speakerphone with it in the base station, you would use it just like a desk phone.

Becky: Oh, okay. Do you think that these, the EX version are really durable?

David: Cisco touts that they're explosion proof-

Becky: Explosion proof, right. The EX

David: Yeah, yeah. Explosion proof within a reason, right? We're not going to be putting them into a flame thrower, paint booth.

Becky: And not waterproof, like go swimming with it?

David: Exactly. Exactly.

Becky: Maybe like a light spill or something, but-

David: Exactly.

Becky: Okay.

David: Yeah, just splashing. And also when you go to disinfect it too. If you had a wet wipe that you're disinfecting it with, that won't get into it-

Becky: Okay.

David: And destroy it either.

Becky: Right.

David: Thanks for watching our video on the Cisco 7925 and 8821 wireless phones.

Becky: We can help with these models by buying and selling them. I'm Becky.

David: I'm David.

Becky: And this is TecTips.